2020 Innovators Awards: Do’s and Don’ts of a Quality Nomination

June 30, 2020

Brandon Griffin Society of Innovators

The Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest defines innovation as thinking creatively and developing ideas that provide solutions, add value, and are implemented as new or different products, processes, services, and social initiatives.

Innovation can sometimes be confused with just an accomplishment, invention, creativity, and even entrepreneurship.

In its simplest terms, innovation is the application of human ingenuity to improve the human condition. It can be found across all walks of life and is important to both existing organizations as well as startups.

Applications for the Society’s 2020 Innovators Awards are now open

Who is eligible to be nominated? Remember these important facts:

  • Today, every sector – education and government, business and industry, and the nonprofit community – has to be innovative. Nominations from all sectors and industries are encouraged.
  • Technology is often linked with innovation, but it is not a requisite. Oftentimes, technology is simply the tool or medium being used to solve problems or add value. Nominations are encouraged for innovations that provide a new solution, with or without a technology component.
  • Anyone can be an innovator! Previous inductees into the Society of Innovators range from high school students to older retirees. Nominations are encouraged or innovators of all ages, backgrounds, races and experiences.

While the awards recognize the people behind the work, our selection committee will also examine the innovations these people are responsible for. An innovation should meet the following criteria:

  • It provides a new solution. Does the innovation address a need, problem or opportunity in a new or unique way?
  • It benefits society. What value or benefit does the innovation bring to the end user?
  • It creates value. Is there any quantifiable evidence of success for the innovation such as revenue generated, patents received, cost savings incurred, grants received, media coverage, etc?

Nominations are being accepted online through September 10. You can easily nominate an individual and/or project team. Remember, you can submit as many nominations as you wish and self-nominations are also encouraged.

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