Cancelation of Course Selection

Student Communication and Follow-up


Three weeks prior to the first day of instruction, the following must be completed:

After department chair monitors course section enrollments and confers with the Dean, he or she works with academic advisors and the Registrar to identify and prepare for likely cancellations of low enrolled sections.

  1. Department chair obtains the roster for the course section and informs the Registrar’s office.
  2. Department chair informs the instructor of record and acts accordingly: to reassign the faculty member or to terminate an appointment.
  3. Department chair uses the class roster to create a list of students in the cancelled course, including each student’s student id and contact information; chair sends to the department’s Academic Advisor.
  4. After receiving the information, department academic advisor researches the student’s current schedule and develops options for the student (alternative sections of the same course or other required courses).
  5. Advisor contacts the student via email and phone to inform him or her of the course cancellation and to offer suggestions for replacing the cancelled course. If the student does not respond, advisors should continue to attempt contact.
  6. Department staff may also assist in contacting the student about the cancellation and encourage him/her to contact the department academic advisor for assistance in registering for a new course. Department staff should ensure that the student has the correct contact information for the academic advisor.

Courses or sections to be canceled must be closed Two weeks prior to the first day of instruction:  Course sections cannot be cancelled after this date as the department is now committed to offering this section of the course.