Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

In order to maintain up-to-date emergency and evacuation procedures and to ensure that all segments of the university community are aware of the appropriate actions to take in case of an emergency, the following procedures will henceforth be in effect for Purdue University Northwest.

The Purdue University Northwest Police Chief will review and update emergency and evacuation procedures on a yearly basis. Recommendations for changes will be forwarded to the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor for Administration. In August of each calendar year, the chief will prepare and distribute an updated brochure describing specific emergency and evacuation procedures for the campus available for general distribution.

Vice Chancellors will be responsible for reviewing emergency plans and procedures with their respective staff each year prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Section Chairs are to ensure that all faculty members are aware of the plan and procedures. During the first week of classes each semester, all faculty will make an announcement regarding emergency and evacuation procedures. Particular care will be taken to ensure that any individual with a disability has the information necessary to be able to response appropriately in an emergency situation or in a case of the need for building or campus evacuation.

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