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Students and faculty have a responsibility for promoting integrity on campus as part of our passion to pursue success with integrity. See how you can take action if you have concerns.

Report Academic Dishonesty

A Shared Responsibility

Students and faculty both have a role to play in promoting academic integrity.

  • Students have the “informal authority” to influence their peers and take control of their own behaviors and choices.
  • Students are often aware of cheating when the professor isn’t (e.g., during out-of-class assignments).
  • They also see temptations and opportunities where the professor doesn’t, and therefore they have a role to play in promoting integrity as well.

See PNW’s Integrity Guide

  • Faculty have authority to decide classroom rules and set up the classroom structure.
  • Faculty can create healthy ethical classrooms and reduce cheating temptations and opportunities.

See PNW’s Integrity Guide

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Academic Integrity Resources

PNW Academic Integrity Policy
See official guidelines and definitions for academic integrity at Purdue Northwest.

PNW Code of Conduct
See regulations governing student conduct, disciplinary proceedings and appeals.

Report Academic Dishonesty
This report is designed for the Purdue University Northwest community to report cases of academic dishonesty.

Bill of Student Rights
Review the enumerated rights for students at Purdue University Northwest.

Grade Appeal Policy
See the official procedures for student grade appeals at Purdue Northwest.

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