Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

Purdue University Northwest offers a range of artistic and cultural exhibits, presentations, and activities to enrich both campus and the community.

Sculpture: Dodge on PNW's Westville campus

Odyssey Sculpture Series

“Odyssey” is a sculpture exhibit located on the Purdue Northwest campuses. PNW has amassed a number of highly engaging sculptures, most of which are contemporary.

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Sculpture: “Running Arch” by John Adduci. Brushed aluminum. The arch resembles a Roman arch of triumph “on the run,” truckin’.

University Art Collections

Purdue University Northwest has an outstanding and eclectic collection of two-dimensional art, nearly all of which has been donated by noted artists.

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Participants at PNW's Black History Month Poetry Slam

Building Community Through the Arts

This outreach program was established to reach the diverse external communities served by the university.

James Comey and Chancellor Thomas Keon at Sinai Forum

Sinai Forum

This PNW lecture series has exceptional speakers explore some of the most important issues of the day in an affordable town-hall setting.

Cast members take a bow at PNW's production of Beauty and the Beast

PNW Theatre

All the world is a stage for PNW’s recurring fall play and spring musical.