University Art Collections

Welcome to the activities of the University Act Collections and Special Programs Department here at PNW!

Many people know the programs as a whole as Odyssey Sculpture and Events. The name derives from the name of a beautiful piece of sculpture which depicts Greek storyteller Homer’s great legend about Odysseus (Ulysses) as he maneuvers his raft across vast waters on his way home from the Trojan War to Ithaca, a journey that took some 20 years.

The word “Odyssey” means journey – the experience that all people—especially college students here have as they chart their future course for their lives.

We hope this site will give you an accessible overview of highlights of our exhibits and activities on both the Westville and Hammond campuses.

Over some 15 years, PNW has accrued an outstanding and eclectic collection of two-dimensional art. Almost all of the collection has been donated by noted artists. Some exhibits are loaned to us, but no pieces are purchased.

Over the last 19 years, Purdue Northwest has amassed a large number of highly engaging sculptures, most of which are contemporary and amongst the grounds of both campuses.

This site offers a full list of the sculptures and short descriptions of each. The exhibits are open to the public from dawn to dusk every day. The interior of many buildings have other three-dimensional works as well, which can be accessed most easily to make sure they are open to the public, since we house exhibits within the actively used facilities—such as classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, and even computer labs. All exhibits are open to people of all ages. Bring your camera because photo-ops abound!

We offer customized free tours for small and large groups of all ages. They can be scheduled year-round, because we have a great deal of work both outside and inside. All children’s groups and their accompanying adults enjoy a pizza lunch, complimentarily offered by the chancellor in the interest of encouraging all children to put college on their horizons!

Everyone leaves with a small memento and wide smiles for the joyful creative afternoon or morning field trip they experience! Public, private, home schooled children, scout troops seeking their fine arts badges, arts classes after school programs, houses of worship, and more are welcome.

Tours for small or large adult groups are also available. We are generally booked one to six months ahead!

No one need worry about a “trek” over many acres at all. We limit and time our tours, with attractive stops to rest and use restrooms, and we have elevators everywhere. The university is handicapped accessible so all can enjoy! We have some golf carts for those who find it difficult to walk.