IBBM Committee Meeting Notes – November 2020

November 26, 2020

Review the IBBM committee meeting notes from the November 2020 meeting.


Beth Vottero; Marla Funk; Pitparnee Stomper; Dawn Pollock; Elaine Cary; George Kacenga; Jonathan Swarts; Laurie Brookhart; Lawrence Hamer; Libbie Pelter; Lisa Hopp; Liz Depew; Maja Marjanovic; Mohammad Zahraee; Niaz Latif; Oriana White; Paul McGrath; Russ Mulling; Scott Iverson; Omar Sahmoudi; Kim Thomas; Chris Holford; Steve Turner; Timothy Winders; Yohlunda Mosley; Thomas Keon

IBBM FY21 1st Quarter expected deficit and R&R savings update by Kim

College Revenue meetings – FY22 Forecast update by Chris

ZBB timeline and current status update by Omar


  • Update on the new space audit provided by Steve and Kim.
  • Unassignable space cost changes in relation to billing hours
  • Service center space is part of general space not assigned to the service center.
  • Current unassignable space charged 100% to the College of instruction.
  • Provide a model showing 65% 35% unassignable space instead of 100%. Kim & Omar

Implementation Check List

  • IBBM Review Committee meet quarterly (revisit ever 3 years)
  • Chaired by Provost Office staff member
  • F&A recovery: Assigned to the Provost’s office and the deans.
  • Revenue sharing of Full Cost recovery programs – Continuing Education & Online programs
  • Training – Dept. Chairs/Heads and Business Managers
  • Reporting –Standards / Quarterly
  • Strategic Enhancement Fund – Request
  • Decentralized and centralized decisions – merit increases, recruitment etc.
  • University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) role
  • Revenue Shortfall/Budget Reductions – Service Centers


  • Merit increase need board of trustee approval
  • Tuition parity between Fort Wayne and PNW – SLT will work with deans
  • Oversight committee to be established to review the IBBM model going forward