Campus Public Posting Areas Policy

September 13, 2023

Faculty and Staff,

Please find a reminder about the PNW Posting Policy below.

See the Full PNW Posting Policy with Posting Locations

Thank you,

Facilities Services

Purdue University Northwest Posting Policy

General Display Postings

All public display areas will be labeled as such. Please be advised public display areas are cleared at the end of each semester. Items posted improperly or displayed in unapproved locations, including entrance doors, will be removed and discarded.

Information for Students

The small bulletin boards located near each classroom and lab door are for the exclusive use of the registrar and the faculty teaching in that space. Postings on these boards will generally be limited to class cancellation and related academic scheduling issues.

All bulletin boards inside general purpose classrooms and instructional labs are reserved for instructional materials posted by faculty. Timely removal of the material is encouraged. Unless otherwise indicated on the material, these boards will also be cleared at the end of each semester.

Posting Personal Items

If you wish to post or mount personal items inside a private office or other location not visible to the general public, please refrain from using adhesives, tape or tacks on any wooden or painted surface. Doing so may cause significant damage. Poster putty is recommended for temporary paper displays. If you have a bulletin board, favorite photo, artwork or any other item to be mounted, please submit a work order request on the PNW Facilities website.