Consultations with a Faculty Peer Coach

The Faculty Peer Coach program is designed to promote reflective teaching and offer collegial consultations to faculty wishing to grow as teachers.

Interested faculty work with a faculty peer coach to engage in a formative review of one or more aspects of their teaching.  The process is confidential and focuses on informing, rather than evaluating, instructional practices.

Request a Consultation 

Faculty Peer Coach Consultative Process

Upon the request of a faculty member, the Center for Faculty Excellence will match a faculty member with a faculty peer coach to work with him/her on one more aspects of his/her teaching. The focus of the consultation may address any part(s) of the teaching and learning process including the design, delivery, and/or assessment of instruction.

Topics to be addressed with a peer coach may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Student motivation and engagement
  • Active and engaged learning techniques
  • “Flipping” the classroom
  • Facilitating effective discussions
  • Assessing student learning
  • Classroom management and handling challenging students
  • Course design/re-design
  • Instructional alignment of learning objectives, learning activities, assessment strategies
  • Collecting mid-semester feedback from students
  • Using course evaluations to inform instructional practices
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Multiple methods will be used to generate data related to the topic of interest.  Methods that faculty peer coaches may use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Syllabus review
  • Review of instructional materials (including online materials)
  • Review of student work
  • Review of student assessments
  • Classroom observation
  • Video recordings of class session
  • SGID (Small Group Instructional Diagnosis – a focus group discussion with students)
  • Survey of students
  • Analysis of course evaluation data

At their first meeting, the faculty member and faculty peer coach will jointly determine what data will be most helpful in examining the topic of interest and what methods are most appropriate for collecting that data. They will establish a timeline for collecting data and conducting any relevant reviews and/or observations.

They will schedule at least one additional meeting to discuss the data and consider how it can be used to inform future instructional practices.  Additional meetings will be scheduled as necessary.

At the conclusion of the consultation process, the faculty peer coach will write a final report outlining the topic explored, the data gathered, and the conclusions drawn. The report will be factual and formative in nature; it will not include evaluative judgments made by the faculty peer coach, as that is not the role of the coach.

A brief letter documenting the consultation, but providing no details, will also be provided to the faculty member. The report and letter will be given only to the faculty member for him/her to use and share as appropriate.