Sparkshops are a great way to get a brief introduction to various teaching strategies or topics important to faculty and staff in your department.


Use the button above to request a CFE staff member to facilitate a Sparkshop at your departmental meeting or informal gathering. Select from the menu of Sparkshop topics or request a customized offering.

Sparkshops are 15 minute mobile mini-workshops, facilitated by CFE staff.  Sparkshops are meant to start exploration of a chosen topic with continued support from the CFE as requested. 

Each Sparkshop provides:

  • An introduction or re-imagined approach to an evidence-based teaching practice, or productivity strategy
  • Potential reasons faculty or staff might incorporate the practice in their course(s) or work flow
  • Examples of how the practice can be implemented
  • Resources for further investigation of the practice

Sparkshops are perfect for all faculty, TAs, or teaching staff interested in exploring evidence-based teaching strategies. They are also great for anyone wanting to learn productivity strategies that could save them time. The hope is for sparkshops to spark instructors’ interest in teaching and/or productivity strategies and to catalyze departmental conversations around teaching, learning and productivity.

Sparkshops are designed to be delivered to groups of faculty and/or staff during informal gatherings or departmental meetings. For faculty who are present during a Sparkshop, their participation will be noted in an annual participation letter from the CFE that can be included in faculty evaluation materials.

Sparkshops are facilitated upon request.

Please visit the most up-to-date menu of Sparkshops document.

If there’s a topic not listed that you or your department would like addressed, please reach out to The CFE is happy to customize sessions (topic, length of time, format, etc.) to meet the needs of PNW faculty and staff.  Please also review the Office of Instructional Technology’s Department Training Catalog for additional options.