Chancellor’s Corner – October 2019

October 4, 2019
PNW Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

Chancellor Thomas L. Keon sits down to chat with student Liliana Andarcia to discuss the effects faculty mentoring has had on her college experience.

The Benefits of Mentoring

As PNW continues on the path of a premier metropolitan university, we highlight the great effects mentoring has on our students. This relationship continues to be a key connection, and often times an essential support system for students and faculty alike throughout their college experiences.

PNW Spotlight

Dr. Lindsay Gielda, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, and her students Adam Rich and Nathan Poling talk about the impact mentoring has on their research in the College of Engineering and Sciences.

​Going Beyond

Professor Yu Ouyang and student Matthew Ruiz shares how PNW mentoring helps first-generation college students take the next step!

Fulfilling the Teaching Experience

Dr. Magesh Chandramouli, Associate Professor of Computer Graphics Technology, speaks to his experience with mentoring students within the College of Technology.