CIVS Presented a Webinar on Simulator for Wind Turbine Technician Education

May 30, 2020

Webinar: Troubleshooting and Safety Simulator for Wind Turbine Technician Education

CIVS presented a webinar on a project being developed for wind turbine technician education on Friday, May 29th, at 1:00PM CST. The webinar was hosted by the Center For Renewable Energy Advanced Technological Education (CREATE).

This webinar introduced a simulator being developed through the NSF ATE project “Troubleshooting and Safety Simulator for Wind Turbine Technician Education.”  The webinar included an introduction to simulator features, a walk-through of a troubleshooting scenario, and an overview of built-in tools that allow instructors to customize and design their own scenarios for students.

Wind turbine technicians come from a variety of backgrounds and may have very different learning experiences. While community colleges and training programs often include a combination of classroom and lab activities, many students have limited experience working with an actual wind turbine. A virtual wind turbine simulator can help to fill that gap. The wind Turbine simulator has been tested in several community colleges with positive feedback.