Caster Digital Twin Presented at a CESMII Meeting

February 14, 2021

On Feb. 2nd, 2021, CIVS researchers presented the Caster Digital Twin developed through a grant from the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII).  The project is in collaboration with ArcelorMittal R&D East Chicago and Cleveland Cliffs Burns Harbor plant to create a prototype digital twin for their Caster #1.  Research engineer Kyle Toth gave a presentation and a live demonstration of the digital twin software to CESMII meeting attendees including people from CESMII, Burns Harbor Plant, and ArcelorMittal R&D East Chicago.

The current version of the Digital Twin of the pilot scale caster No 1 in Burns Harbor has various functions including:

  • Specific UI elements designed and implemented to see the following datasets provided by the plant, such as casting operations data from ladles, molds and tundish, cooling information, Casting Health Monitor data , etc.
  • A moving time buffer to use the current selected timestep as the reference for the most recently loaded value, and load a set amount of values prior to that
  • Graphing functions for viewing of specific data from either specific variables, or being able to use multiple datasets on the same graph with interactive tooltips
  • Implementations of code allowing almost any tracked variable to be used as a trigger for an alarm