Cleveland Cliffs Gift Enables Cutting Edge Student Research

June 20, 2021

The Cleveland Cliffs Campus Partnership Program gifted CIVS with funds to purchase cutting-edge simulation and visualization hardware for student researchers to develop projects related to the steel industry and smart manufacturing. An Augmented Reality (AR) headset used for developing lockout-tagout procedures, and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for developing virtual training and safety scenarios are some of the research projects being enabled by the gift.

According to John Moreland, Senior Research Scientist, “The funds from Cleveland Cliffs have enabled our students to work on the cutting edge, learning about and contributing to the digital transformation of the steel industry. The development hardware for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have let the students develop interactive safety and training applications that can be used both in the classroom and in the field. The partnership is helping students get experience with cutting edge technologies as well as learning about careers and applications in the steel industry.”

CIVS student Myriam Changoluisa is shown here wearing an AR headset to carry out a lockout-tagout procedure. The AR headset overlays instructions and images onto her view, combining virtual and real images together.