Invited Talk: SSAB R&D Monthly Seminar Series

June 24, 2021

CIVS Director Dr. Chenn Zhou was invited to present virtually at the SSAB R&D Monthly Seminar Series on June 23rd.  Her presentation title is “Application of Simulation and Visualization in the Steel Industry”.  The SSAB R&D Director Dr. Sunday Abraham started the seminar with a brief introduction of Dr. Zhou and the CIVS which was recognized globally by its integration application-driven approach.  Dr. Zhou gave an overview of the CIVS and the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium (SMSVC).  She described the methodology of integrating simulation and visualization to solve real-world problems in partnerships with the industry.  A number of project examples and their impacts on the industry were presented including Blast Furnace, Reheating Furnace, Smart Ladle, Caster Digital Twin, Primary and Secondary Cooling of Continuous Casting, and Safety Training Simulators.

SSAB is the 1st Charter Member of the SMSVC and has been very active and supportive for a number of SMSVC projects.  SSAB’s R&D organization plays a key role in the constant development of their production processes, in building a strong product portfolio and technical know-how supporting their customers to fully utilize the potential of their steels. Constantly striving for the effective use of resources in producing and using steel has given them their current position as a premium producer of advanced high-strength steels and wear-resistant steels with one of the world’s most CO2-effective steelmaking processes. The SMSVC currently has 15 member companies.  Its mission is to develop and implement innovative technical solutions through the integration of advanced computer simulation and visualization technologies for the value chain of steel manufacturing.