Presentation at the 33rd Canadian Materials Science Conference

July 30, 2022

On July 23, Armin Silaen, an Associate Research Professor in CIVS, delivered a technical presentation at the 33rd Canadian Materials Science Conference in Toronto, Canada. The conference was hosted by the University of Toronto.

Armin shared CIVS research results on the application of hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions in reheat furnaces and blast furnaces. The title of the presentation is “Carbon Intensity Reduction using Hydrogen in Industrial Furnaces”, which received a lot of interest from the audience during the talk.

The 33rd Canadian Materials Science Conference was held on June 22-24, 2022. The premier gathering of the Canadian metallurgy and materials academic community to present and discuss leading-edge advances in their fields. The annual conference would promote and foster graduate student research providing a forum to highlight contributions to the profession. It followed the tradition of previous conferences in this series held at different universities across Canada. It also provided a collegiate forum for students and researchers to discuss recent advances in the field of fundamental and applied materials chemistry, materials physics, and materials engineering to promote a better understanding of the processes that determine the structure and properties of engineering materials at different lengths and time scales.