Student Success Story: Saswot Thapa

August 2, 2022
Saswot Thapa

“Application is the best practice to retain knowledge. While working at CIVS, I was able to apply the fundamental engineering theories learned in class which provided me with the crucial experience necessary to enter the aerospace industry.” said Saswot Thapa, a CIVS Graduate Research Assistant, who recently received his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University Northwest after successfully defending his thesis titled “Numerical Study of Fluid Flow and Solidification in the Primary Cooling Zone of a Continuous Caster”. His computation-based research modeled the solidification and electromagnetic application during the continuous casting of steel. Analyzing the key parameters during solidification of steel to improve steel quality. The application-based methodology he developed investigated the impact of mold taper during solidification as well as applying a magneto-hydro-dynamic model to investigate the impact of electromagnetic braking during casting.

Saswot Thapa received his Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University Northwest in December 2020 in Mechanical engineering. Originally from Branford, Connecticut, Saswot followed his dreams to achieve higher education and engineering experience to succeed in the aerospace industry. During his time at Purdue Northwest, he served as the president of Material Advantage and found success in the Day of Discovery competitions.

With his master’s degree completed, Saswot will be joining the Boeing Company as a flight engineer supporting both military and commercial airplane development and testing. Previously, he interned at SpaceX and Lockheed Martin where he applied the academic knowledge gained throughout his years as a PNW student.