SSAB Americas Executives Get Hands-On at CIVS

September 28, 2022

On August 31, 2022, CIVS welcomed thirteen executives from SSAB Americas where they were able to witness first-hand the innovative research efforts by CIVS staff and students using cutting-edge simulation and visualization technologies.

Members of our CIVS team, Dr. Tyamo Okosun, and Dr. Armin Silaen, Associate Research Professors; Kyle Toth, and Nick Walla, Senior Research Engineers; John Moreland, Senior Research Scientist, and CIVS Director, Dr. Chenn Zhou, welcomed SSAB Executives:

Brent Major (Senior Director, Strategy), Greg Scott (Vice President, Human Resources), Tom Cox (General Manager) Sunday Abraham (Director, R&D), Mike Cooke (Director, Technical Services), Steve Fulton (Director, Transportation), Taylor Gould, Shannon Johnson (Director, Safety), Nick Pappas (Assistant General Counsel), Jason Pangracs (Controller, Value+), Susan Taylor (Senior Director, Planning and Scheduling), Derrick Martin (Director, IT), Susan Taylor (Operations Manager, St. Paul CTLL), and Robin Rose (Director, Commercial Sales, SSAB Americas).

During the visit, presentations of CIVS & SMSVC overviews and projects were presented in the CIVS Theater followed by hands-on experiences of AR & VR projects in the visualization lab. Extensive discussions continue on topics of decarbonization and electrification.  The visit ended on a high note with ideas for future collaboration.