U. S. Steel Visits CIVS to Trial New Crane Simulator For Operator Training

July 18, 2023

Representatives from United States Steel Gary Works visited CIVS for a demonstration of the ongoing crane training simulator project in June. The simulator will allow workers to experience and work hands-on with a virtual version based on the crane(s) that they actually work on in the plant. This unique hands-on experience creates a way for workers to train and prepare for live crane training in a risk free virtual environment.

CIVS staff held the demonstration, ran tests, and discussed the next steps in the project’s development. The U. S. Steel team included 5 representatives who are involved in daily crane operations and training: Kurt Sander, Jeffery Maxfield, Tyrell Anderson, Jason Rodriguez, Jonathan Downs. Development of similar simulators of other cranes at U. S. Steel are in the planning stages. U. S. Steel is a member of the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium (SMSVC).