SMSVC Welcomes New Member: Bloom Engineering

August 18, 2023

Bloom Engineering is officially a new member of the Steel Manufacturing Simulation & Visualization Consortium (SMSVC). Mr. Dave Schalles, VP-Technical Services, will represent their company on the SMSVC Board.

We believe that our participation will be mutually beneficial for us as well as the current Consortium members. Bloom will be anticipating a variety of benefits from Consortium membership including closer collaboration with technical personnel of the current members. This will help us to guide our own R&D efforts to address the needs of the industry. The Decarbonization of the iron and steel industry clearly has shifted the R&D needs paradigm and represents an enormous challenge that will only be solved through innovation.

Dave Schalles, VP-Technical Services at Bloom Engineering Company.

Other anticipated benefits for Bloom include the following:

  • Ability to participate in Consortium combustion-based projects at the inception stage
  • Access to the CIVS simulation and visualization capabilities
  • Potential partnering on DOE research funding opportunities with a high-level, well-regarded organization
  • Ability to connect with highly qualified students for potential employment
  • Access to the next-generation interactive/immersive safety training materials being produced for the industry
  • Potential to collaborate on new product developments

The SMSVC board members believe that Bloom Engineering is a great addition and will contribute to the Consortium in various areas such as:

  • Provide technical guidance on burner design modeling and combustion control specifications
  • Provide performance data from physical lab testing for validation of CFD combustion models.
  • Provide innovative solution options for a wide variety of projects that target thermal efficiency, productivity, environmental, safety, or product quality improvements.
  • Provide qualified engineering support for review and comment on both the technical and commercial feasibility of proposed project solution options.

Bloom Engineering has nearly 90 years of steel industry experience. The company’s mission is to enable its customers’ long-term success by providing combustion products, systems, and services that achieve optimal productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance. The SMSVC and its members look forward to welcoming the industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions provided by Bloom Engineering in collaboration with CIVS and the steel industry.

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