CIVS Students Receive Graduate and Undergraduate Research Grants

September 6, 2023

Congratulations to the CIVS research assistants who received research grants for the 2023 Fall semester!

CIVS graduate students:

  • Imran Syed: “Optimization of Vane-Style Variable Area Flowmeter Calibration through CFD Analysis with STAR-CCM+”
  • Misbahuddin Husaini Syed: “Simulating Induction Heating of Steel Products using a Harmonic Balance Model”
  • Pavan Kumar Vemula: “A CFD study of the impact of slag on the refining stage of the EAF operation”

CIVS Senior Design & undergraduate students:

  • Ruiyu Yang, Yuezhang Chu: “Creation of Modular 360 Degree Video Training Tools”
  • Jacob Elizondo, Marco Lopez: “Design of Model for Impact of Preheated Scrap on Melting in EAF”
  • Zachary Kaminsky, Imanol Meracdo, Zack Holmes: “Design and Optimization of Cooling to Minimize Mechanical Stress in Slab in Continuous Casting”
  • Connor Lauder, Jordan Massolle: “Design of Model for Blast Furnace Hearth Drainage”
  • Brian Butler, Andrew Viater, Josue Gutierrez: “Use of Additive Manufacturing Techniques and Microcontrollers to Create Simulation Hardware Controls”
  • Edinenido James, Derrick Dudley: “Design of Heat Transfer in a Gas-Stirred Ladle Furnace”
  • Thomas Stobbe, Adam Duesing: “Design of Plasma Torch Hot Blast Heating for the Ironmaking Blast Furnace”