AIST Ironmaking Technology Committee Meets at CIVS

September 27, 2023

On September 26, around 20 AIST Ironmaking Technology Committee members held their meeting at CIVS, facilitated by Committee Chair Joe Morey of US Steel and AIST manager Anne Voss.

During the meeting, several technical presentations included: “Impacts and Dynamics of Shaft-Level Tuyere Injection with Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling” presented by CIVS PhD student Sam Nielson; “EasyMelt, Electrically Assisted SYngas sMELTer” and “Benefits and Retrofit of a Slag Granulation Plant to an existing Blast Furnace” presented by Brian Black from SMS group; as well as “Hydrogen production and supply from BP refinery” presented by Jill Lenders, the Transformation and Modernization Manager. There was also an opportunity for members to participate in CIVS live demos of the crane simulator and the virtual reality fire extinguisher training.

Members in attendance started planning sessions for AISTech 2024 and discussed paper submissions as well as technology committee award details. The meeting concluded with a productive roundtable discussion on various initiatives across the ironmaking industry.

The mission of the AIST Ironmaking Technology Committee is to provide members with information regarding ironmaking manufacturing, including developing technologies, maintenance, and process and operating information.