PNW CIVS Contributes to DOE Midwest Hydrogen Hub

November 10, 2023

The Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen (MachH2) was selected for a $1 Billion Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub project by U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) as announced by President Biden on Oct. 13. Purdue University Northwest (PNW), led by the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS), is excited to be part of the alliance committed to growing the Midwest regional hydrogen value chain to deliver positive climate and community impact.

PNW CIVS will be involved in the research and workforce development using advanced simulation and visualization technologies for hydrogen production and applications that will reduce emissions from industrial sectors, including the region’s steel mills, refineries, and power plants. The Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen, or MachH2, hub is one of seven selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for funding to accelerate the domestic market for low-cost, clean hydrogen.

We are truly grateful to the many partners in MachH2 for making the vision to develop a Midwest Hydrogen Hub a reality. Our CIVS faculty, staff and student researchers are excited to work with our industrial and research associates and community organizations to develop technologies that will result in significant economic benefits for our regional communities and beyond.

Chenn Zhou, CIVS Director

The MachH2 clean hydrogen industry will deliver high-quality jobs, improved air quality, public health improvements, and economic development to the Midwest.

CIVS has demonstrated a strong history of research on decarbonization processes in industrial operations. CIVS’ research has historically provided valuable solutions for clients, resulting in more than $40 million in energy-saving solutions. It has received over $37 million in external grants and contracts to develop solutions for industry partners and has collaborated with over 180 external organizations on over 420 projects since 2009.

Most recently, CIVS and a coalition of partners were awarded $10 million from the DOE’s Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office to support decarbonization research, development, and demonstration in the steel industry.