SMSVC Dinner Keynote on Decarbonization of Ironmaking and Steelmaking

November 15, 2023

Mr. David Forrest, Principal Technical Consultant at Nexight Group, representing the Department of Energy’s Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization Office (IEDO), delivered a keynote speech at the SMSVC Annual Meeting dinner at PNW on November 8th.

In his keynote speech entitled “Decarbonization of Ironmaking and Steelmaking: Opportunities for Industry-Academia-Federal Partnerships in the Decarbonization of Ironmaking and Steelmaking,” Mr. David Forrest described that decarbonization is the new strategic focus with more funding for the iron and steel portfolio. He also reviewed various potential technologies for decarbonization and DOE funding opportunities.

The presentation by David Forrest showed how the focus on industry optimization has changed to decarbonization. Mr. Forrest explained this transition and provided information on multiple ways to engage with DOE in projects that can impact the carbon-reduction effort.

Orlando Ugarte, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Mr. David Forrest specializes in advanced materials and processes. With 37 years of experience in industrial and government research, from the shop floor to state-of-the-art materials labs, he brings practical understanding along with strong technical depth. David’s additional years of program management experience with the Dept. of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office provide unique value and perspectives for students, faculty, and staff at CIVS as well as industry leaders in the national and global steel industry. As the Technology Manager in the Advanced Manufacturing Office from 2012 to 2019, he launched and ran the High-Performance Computing for Manufacturing program. He also won an Energy Rock Star, Assistant Secretary Outstanding Impact, and Distinguished Career Service awards.

I got the unique chance to exchange insights with professionals in the field at the SMSVC dinner. The highlight was Mr. David Forest's keynote on decarbonization, which provided intricate perspectives on cutting-edge methods to reduce carbon emissions in the steel industry and cast a hopeful light on the future. The event brought together tech know-how and collaborative problem-solving, creating a positive atmosphere that gives hope for the steel industry's future growth.

Syed Kareem Ullah Hussaini, Graduate Research Assistant