Research Day 2017: Faculty

Faculty Poster Presentations

Hammond – Thursday, March 23

PresentersCollaboratorsAbstract Title
Arifin AngriawanAnalysis of Course Content Structure and Critical Thinking in Strategic Management
Tantatape BrahmasreneJung Wan LeeThe Effects of Growth, Trade, Industrialization, Agriculture, Urbanization On the Environment
Kuan-Chou ChenCarin ChuangThe Use of Importance Performance Analysis in Assessing Service Learning
E. Anne

Daniel WilburGender, Authentic Leadership, and Communication
Carin ChuangKuan-Chou ChenThe Development of Database Management Skill Through Service-Learning Project
Wei HeReexamining Multinational Firms’ Performance from a Strategic Group Membership Perspective—A Contemporary Study in the Global Hotel Industry
Adrian JamesGlobal Perspective to Lead Culturally Diverse Teams
Seung Won LeeSongtao MoThe Effects of SFAS 123(R) on Earnings Management and Corporate Investment
Seung Won LeeThe Effects of Corporate Investment and Revenue Growth in CEO Turnover
Maureen MaschaIssues Identified from the PCAOB Inspection Process 2011-2014
Michael MickSusan ConnersPeering Through the Portal: An Investigation into Threshold Concepts in Web Development
Songtao MoCarin Chuang

Kuan-Chou Chen

Chen Ye
Investment Decision in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: A Data Mining Approach
Songtao MoLin ZhaoMetacognitive Awareness and Learning Assessment in Financial Accounting Courses
Songtao MoTeaching “Analytical Thinking” in Auditing through Digital Learning
Songtao MoGail Hoover-KingAn Exploratory Study on Student Preparedness, Problem Solving Abilities, and Exam Performance
Jane ThomasAndrew Loignon

David Woehr

Misty Loughry

Matthew Ohland
Teammates’ Willingness to Work Together in the Future: The Impact of Liking, Competence, and Task Interdependence
Ceren TurediSerdar TurediExploring the Influence of Negative Emotions on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Usage Efficiency
Henry WilliamsSusan Conners

Lori Feldman
The Effects of an Institutional Unification within a College of Business
Chen YeThe Impacts of Salient Dimensions of E-Textbook Task-Technology Fit for University Students
Chen YeUnderstanding the Perceived Outcomes of Learning Enterprise Resource Planning Software in an Introductory Information Systems Course

Faculty Oral Presentation

PresenterCollaboratorAbstract Title
Minoo AshooriSelf-Reporting CSR Activities: When Your Company Harms, Do You Self-Disclose?