Faculty Speaker Bureau

Bring PNW Engineering and Sciences expertise into your classroom!

Our Faculty Speaker Bureau provides the opportunity to bring in faculty members to talk about STEM subjects with your students. Across a range of expertise, our faculty can tell your students about their research and answer questions about the field.

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For more information, please email coes@pnw.edu.

Faculty Areas of Expertise

Faculty MemberDepartmentArea(s) of expertise
Daniel SusonChemistry & Physicsphysics, astronomy, black holes, cosmology, high energy physics, quantum mechanics
Scott BatesBiologymicrobiology, microbial ecology, microbiomes, mycology (fungi), bioinformatics
Diana Underwood-GreggMathematics & StatisticsK-12 mathematics teaching
Yun LiuMechanical & Civil Engineeringfluid dynamics of insect flight, flow visualization
Robert KramerChemistry & Physicsnuclear power; LED lighting; energy efficiency; renewable energy; power flow in buildings, industry, and on transmission & distribution systems; building energy efficiency & control; electric system reliability
Ruijian ZhangComputer Sciencecomputer science, artificial intelligence, data science
Gokarna AryalMathematics & Statisticsstatistics
Adam RengstorfChemistry & Physicsastronomy, near earth asteroids, NIRo observatory
Barbara Mania-FarnellBiologyneurobiology, the brain, epigenetics
Charles SteeleChemistry & PhysicsOrgano-metallic chemistry; chemical industry & sustainability
Sarah de la RueChemistry & PhysicsGeology, Fossils, Minerals, Sedimentology, Oil Production, Fracking, Climate Change
Grethe HystadMathematics & Statisticsstatistics, evolution of minerals
Vanessa QuinnBiologyEcology, animal behavior, entrance into vet school, research opportunities at PNW, honors college
Aaron WarrenChemistry & Physicsgeneral astronomy, gravitational waves, compact object mergers, general physics, careers available to physics majors, mathematical physics, high energy physics
Dawit GizachewChemistry & PhysicsFood safety and its global impact, biochemistry, analytical chemistry
Meden Isaac-LamChemistry & PhysicsTeaching science as a profession; Women in science; Application of chemistry in medicine; Research and teaching as a career, cancer, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease
Jon ArosChemistry & PhysicsAstronomy, astro photography, 2017 solar eclipse
Shengyong ZhangMechanical & Civil EngineeringMathematics & Mechanical Engineering