Fall 2022 Commencement

Congratulations to all the Purdue University Northwest graduates who celebrated commencement with us in Fall 2022! We are excited to see what’s next as you Power Onward to the next stage of your lives and careers.

A crowd of graduates in their caps and gowns

Recognizing Our Graduates

Purdue University Northwest proudly celebrates the graduates who received their degrees during two commencement ceremonies on Dec. 10, 2022. PNW Pride was in abundance as these new alumni showed off diplomas and posed with friends and family.

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Relive Fall 2022 Commencement

Graduates, friends and families gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the newest Purdue University Northwest alumni!

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A young man in a cap and gown claps at a podium

PNW Student Government President David Bolton cheers on the Summer and Fall 2022 graduates at commencement.

A crowd of graduates in their caps and gowns

PNW graduates in graduation regalia take in the pomp and circumstance of the commencement ceremony.

Student in a head covering and cap and gown

Purdue University Northwest honored 833 candidates at fall commencement, including 638 earning their baccalaureate degrees, 193 earning their master’s degrees and two earning their doctoral degrees.

A decorated graduation mortar saying "Miss Feliciano and off she went to change the world."

Students customized their mortar boards with messages of encouragement and excitement about what's next after completing their degrees.

Graduates pose after commencement with flowers and degrees

After the ceremony was complete, newly minted Purdue Northwest graduates were happy to celebrate with family and friends.

PNW College of Nursing graduates in commencement regalia

Graduates posed with classmates as well, celebrating bonds forged through several years of study and hard work.

A PNW graduate with flowers holds her diploma high.

At the end of the day, graduates were proud to show off their diplomas--symbols of each student's resilience and resolve!