Coupling Forensic Casework with Continuing Education

September 21, 2020

Professor Christian G. Westring, director of PNW’s Center for Crime, Forensics, and Security Analysis, is a forensic geneticist with more than fifteen years of experience in forensic science. Through his passion for molecular biology and complex problem solving, he applies new innovations in the field of forensic genetics to benefit law enforcement investigations and public safety. He specializes in cold-case investigations, applying novel scientific techniques for solving complex crimes.

In the laboratory, his primary research interests include the study of inhibitory compounds associated with gunshot residue and how they impact the biochemistry behind PCR based DNA typing, probabilistic genotyping and the implications with complex DNA mixtures, and the development of new and improved methods for body fluid identification.

Westring bridges his passion for science and education by integrating students into his research. Students actively participate in applied scientific research, providing hands-on experience for solving to real world problems. To highlight their success, several of his students have presented their work at recognized international conferences. As an educator, his courses integrate professional experience with his enthusiasm for teaching, preparing students for the demands of the scientific workforce.

He represents PNW while serving on several national boards in forensic science. These include American Society for Crime Laboratory Directors, the Organization for Scientific Areas Committees under NIST, and serves as the President for the 29th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics.

Coupling forensic casework with continuing education, Westring leads professional training programs in the identification, collection, and preservation of biological evidence. His work has been funded National Institute of Health, National Institute of Justice and the Danish Research Council – leading to several peer-reviewed publications in the field of forensic genetics and molecular biology.