COVID-19 Research Guidance

March 25, 2020

To the PNW Researchers,

Governor Holcomb’s recent executive order provides an exemption for universities to perform critical research or essential functions given that social distancing practices are followed. Critical research and essential research-related functions at Purdue University are identified on this page.

If you are continuing your critical research operations on campus, please email the Office of Research at The purpose of this is NOT to obtain approval to continue critical research or support functions. The Office of Research is collecting this for tracking purposes to be able to provide guidance as needed.

Non-essential research should be safely ramped down as soon as possible. You may use the Purdue WL Research Laboratory Ramp-Down Checklist. Signs that give the operating status, emergency contacts, and hazards should be downloaded and posted on the door of your campus laboratory.

To continue remotely, researchers are encouraged to work on data analysis, writing projects, literature reviews, or online learning (coding, statistics, etc.). Removing university chemicals, materials, equipment, or animals to recreate experimental labs at off-site locations is not permitted.

To stay current with the changes occurring due to COVID-19 you may want to visit the website of The Office of the Executive Vice Present for Research and Partnerships as information is updated regularly on COVID-19 impact on research. The Purdue Sponsored Program Services has also updated their website to include resources for COVID-19 impact on sponsored research.

The Office of Research is here to assist as we navigate the impact of COVID-19 on sponsored projects. We are currently available via phone, email or web-conference.

Maja Marjanovic ( 219-989-4131

Jennifer Evans ( 219-989-2183

Kristin Sarver ( 219-989-2038