Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence (CS_AI) Certificate Program

This track offers six courses that cover the fundamentals of computer systems, networks and cybersecurity, as well as topics in fundamentals of artificial intelligence, IoT and hardware security.

The track focuses on developing learner’s skills and abilities to apply artificial intelligence and machine learned based approaches to analyze security problems for cyber systems and its software and hardware components.

Program Requirements

CWCT Required CoreThree Courses
CWCT100 – CompTIA A+45 Hours
CWCT105 – CompTIA Security+45 Hours
CWCT115 – Cisco CyberOps45 Hours

CWCT Artificial Intelligence Track

Three Courses

CWCT140 – Python Essentials45 Hours
CWCT245 – AI/ML in Cybersecurity45 Hours
CWCT250 – IoT & Hardware Security45 Hours

*Six total courses required for the completion of the CS_SA Track.

Sample Session by Session Plan of Study

Session 1Pre-RequisiteCertification Prep
CWCT100 – CompTIA A+Knowledge Assessment in Math, English, ITCompTIA A+
CWCT140 – Python EssentialsKnowledge Assessment in Math, English, ITCertified Associate in Python Programming

Session 2

CWCT105 – CompTIA Security+CWCT100
CompTIA Security+
CWCT115 – Cisco CyberOpsCWCT100Cisco CyberOPs Asso.

Session 3

CWCT245 - AI/ML in CybersecurityCWCT105
CWCT250 - IoT & Hardware SecurityCWCT105