The Department of Computer Information Technology and Graphics at Purdue University Northwest offers a five-day free GenCyber 2024 Summer Camp for High School Students.

About the Camp

GenCyber Summer Camp will immerse you in learner-centered, hands-on labs and game play activities, including cyber security awareness education game play, robot game design, security practices in wireless network, cryptography, ethical hacking labs and cyber forensics cases.

Let’s have fun with this five-day summer camp and learn GenCyber Six (6) Cybersecurity Concepts, cyber security awareness, and discover if a higher education and a career in cyber security is right for you.

During the summer camp, high school students will be asked to participate in two voluntarily surveys. However, the decision to participate in those surveys will not impact the students’ eligibility to attend the summer camp.

Your registration confirmation will be emailed in late April or early May, 2024.

Schedule 2024

GenCyber Camp for High School Students (June 10–14 & June 17–21, 9AM-4PM)


  • Day 1: Cyber security awareness training 6 cybersecurity concepts training via educational games and cybersecurity games developed for CAE RING project.
  • Day 2: Play Wi-Fi scavenger hunt game using Raspberry Pi to allow students apply 6 Cybersecurity Concepts and network security concepts.
  • Day 3: Introduce a Sparki based robot game programming, 2) Apply robot game programming via a robot game team competition.
  • Day 4: Ethical hacking and digital forensics practice.
  • Day 5: Team competition to solve a simulated computer forensics case.

Before Camp: Pre-Camp Activities – Two 6-hour Sessions (May 31 & June 1, 10AM-4PM)
After Camp: Post-Camp Activities – Two 6-hour Sessions (TBD August & September, 10AM-4PM)

Participants Receive

  • Free Lunch during each day of the summer camp
  • Free GenCyber T-Shirt and USB drive
  • A certificate will been awarded upon successful completion of the camp