Student Handbook

A resource and guidebook for all our students, PNW’s Student Handbook compiles resources from across the university to help you navigate your path toward a Purdue University Northwest degree!

Last updated March 2021

Welcome to Purdue University Northwest

Students walk down a leafy pathway at PNW's Hammond campusIt is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to Purdue University Northwest. We are located in the Northwest region of the state of Indiana, with two beautiful campuses (Hammond and Westville), and the 330-acre Gabis Arboretum with wetlands, prairies, formal gardens and oak preserves.

This Student Handbook was created to serve as a resource and guidebook for all our students. It is a compilation of policies and procedures from the various departments and offices at PNW. The Handbook will acquaint you with the rules and regulations of the University and will help you navigate your path towards your Purdue University Northwest degree!

The information in this Handbook includes, but is not limited to, tutoring services, student support administrative offices, the Honor Code, student employment, financial aid, the Counseling Center, the Office of the Dean of Students, Veteran Services, and the Disability Access Center. These and other services and support programs are provided to ensure your academic and personal success. Please take advantage of them!

If you have any questions or need assistance in other matters, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

We wish you the best in your educational endeavors, and may you have a rewarding and productive


Purdue University Northwest recognizes and respects the legal rights and protections guaranteed by the U.S. and Indiana Constitutions.  Students are required to abide by the laws of the state of Indiana and of the United States as well as the rules and regulations of Purdue University Northwest, to conduct themselves in accordance with accepted standards of social behavior, to respect the rights of others, and to refrain from any conduct that tends to obstruct the work of the University or to be injurious to the welfare of the University.

Academic Resources

Explore everything you need to thrive academically at PNW! Planning your major, finding your advisor, arranging tutoring—the resources are all here.

College of Business

R. Clapp-Smith, Dean

Hammond Campus:  Anderson Building 356, (219) 989-2595

Westville Campus:  Technology Building 186, (219) 785-5263

College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences

E. Carey, Dean

Hammond Campus:  Classroom Office Building 152, (219) 989-2401

Westville Campus:  Technology Building 341, (219) 785-5647

 College of Engineering and Science

N. Latif, Interim Dean

Hammond Campus: Gyte Building 181, (219) 989-2468

Westville Campus:  Schwarz Building 160, (219) 785-5736

 College of Nursing

L. Hopp, Dean

Hammond Campus:  Classroom Office Building 313, (219) 989-2814

Westville Campus:  Technology Building 357, (219) 785-5454

 College of Technology

N. Latif, Dean

Hammond Campus:  Anderson Building 202, (219) 989-8324

Westville Campus:  Technology Building 269, (219) 785-5619

Honors College

J. Swarts, Dean

Hammond Campus:  Student Union Library 320, (219) 989-3160

Westville Campus:  Library Student Faculty 069, (219) 785-5366

The responsibility for all academic decisions belongs to the student.

Purdue University Northwest recognizes academic advising as a critical component of the educational experience of students. Upon admission to the university, all students are assigned to an academic advisor.

Academic advisors at Purdue University Northwest are committed to providing students accurate and timely academic advisement delivered through academic departments and colleges, as well as through Exploratory Advising.

Through collaborative relationships with assigned academic advisors, students learn to define and implement strategic and efficient educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals, abilities and career plans.

Effectiveness in advising requires that students and advisors jointly engage in this process together. It is recommended that students consult with their advisors at least once a semester to clarify effective progress towards a degree.

Academic Advisors also serve as a resource to students in many other ways, including assisting students in:

  • Clarifying life and career goals
  • Assessing individual academic abilities
  • Developing suitable educational plans
  • Selecting appropriate courses and complementary educational experiences
  • Interpreting institutional requirements
  • Enhancing awareness of available educational resources (such as internship opportunities, honors curriculum, service learning, experiential learning, supplemental instruction, and tutoring programs)
  • Evaluating progress toward established goals
  • Assisting with completing degree requirements in a timely manner
  • Identifying barriers to academic success
  • Seeking out and referring to support services in the institution and the community


  • Hammond Campus: Gyte Building, room 102
  • Westville Campus: Library-Student-Faculty (LSF) Building, room 202


  • Hammond: (219) 989-3227
  • Westville: (219) 785-5628



Student Academic Support (SAS) provides Supplemental Instruction (SI), Walk-in and online tutoring to PNW students on both the Hammond and Westville campuses.

  • Supplemental Instruction is offered to all students enrolled in specific undergraduate courses. SI sessions are interactive review sessions and are facilitated by an SI Leader (a student that has already successfully completed the class and sits in on it again with you) usually twice per week. SI sessions provide students with an opportunity to actively participate, ask questions, learn new study techniques, compare notes and predict test questions with other students from the course.
  • Walk-in tutoring is a drop-in tutoring service conducted in small groups by peer tutors. No appointment is needed and schedules are available online or by visiting the SAS office on your campus.
  • Peer tutors also offer Individual, online tutoring, by-appointment through Zoom.

SAS is also a major employer for academically successful students seeking on-campus employment as tutors and/or SI leaders. For more information, visit the Student Academic Support website.

Campus Resources

PNW has dozens of resources to serve you on campus and help you embrace student life! From paying your bills to joining students organization, see what’s possible at PNW.

Hammond Campus Location

Student Union & Library – 343


Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Westville Campus Location

Schwarz – 35D


Tuesday & Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-8414

Fax: (219) 989-2179

The mission of the 21st Century Scholars Collegiate Support Program is to provide quality academic support programs and services that will enhance the academic progress and personal development of every 21st Century Scholar enrolled at Purdue University Northwest. Through collaboration and integration with campus resources, programs and services are designed to enhance each Scholar’s overall development, well-being, and undergraduate experience.

Hammond Campus Location: Lawshe – 130

Phone: (219) 989-2213

Westville Campus Location: Schwarz – 40

Phone: (219) 785-5505

Hours: Monday through Friday   8:00 am – 4:30 pm


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides information about Purdue University Northwest’s undergraduate programs, admission procedures, and requirements to prospective students.  The office serves prospective Purdue University Northwest students and former or currently enrolled students.

Various activities to help acquaint prospective students with the educational opportunities at Purdue Northwest are scheduled throughout the year.  In addition to processing students’ initial applications, the office handles the required Re-entry applications for students who have not registered and received grades within the last calendar year and also Re-admit applications for students who have been academically dropped.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers several ways for prospective students to visit Purdue Northwest.  Prospective students can attend one of our Open House programs (which are held in the fall and spring at both the Hammond and Westville campuses) or an Individual Campus Tour. Campus Tour Dates can be viewed on the web.


  • Fitness and Recreation Center (Hammond Campus)
  • James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex (Westville Campus)
  • Dowling Park (Hammond Campus)

Phone: (219) 989-2540

Fax: (219) 989-2558

Purdue Northwest Athletics consists of 300 student athletes and 15 sports and is a member of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) and NCAA Division II.

Intercollegiate athletic teams are fielded in men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s golf, softball and baseball. PNW Esports is in its first year of varsity competition. Men’s Ice Hockey is offered as a non-varsity sport. Purdue Northwest has recently developed new basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, esports and ice hockey facilities.

For more information on the Purdue University Northwest Athletics program please go to

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union Library Building – 110

Phone: (219) 844-1081

We offer a wide variety of course materials: Rental/Digital/Used and New books. We also have reference materials along with supplies, health and beauty items, snacks, PNW clothing and gift ware.

We offer graduation regalia, diploma frames and alumni gear. Textbook buyback is offered throughout the year to our PNW students.

Hours may vary throughout the year depending on where we are in the semester. Please check out our website for the most up to date hours information.  Visit us in store or online at

Hammond Campus Location: Lawshe-130

Phone: (219) 989-2560

Westville Campus Location: Schwarz Hall – 127

Phone: (219) 785-5338

  • Provides information on payments and deadlines, student bills and refunds
  • Sends out notification of new student bills electronically
  • Accepts check or cash payments for tuition and fees, parking fines, etc.
  • Students not signed up for e-Refunds will be mailed their refund check

Online access: Log into myPNW, select Bills and Payments tab

TouchNet Bill+Payment ™ offers students, parents and other authorized users the convenience of self-service access to online bills and bill payments, including web-based bill presentment, secure online payments and deposits, electronic disbursement of student refunds, and tuition payment plan enrollments.

Visit the Bursar’s web page for current fee information, frequently asked questions and important information and deadlines.

Hammond Campus Location: SAB-47

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-4138

Campus Ambassadors conduct walking tours for individuals and groups. Tours can be customized to the students’ individual needs and/or interests. Visit the Campus Tours website to schedule a free tour. For more information, email

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union Library Building (SUL), Room 349

Phone: (219) 989-2600

Westville Campus Locations: Library Student Faculty Building (LSF), Room 104

Phone: (219) 785-5451

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Career Center assists students and alumni of Purdue University, regardless of their campus affiliation. As a bridge from college life to the world of work, it is our mission to facilitate connections between employers and students that lead to successful outcomes and satisfying futures.

Explore Career Center Services

Location: Schwarz Hall – 38C

Phone: (219) 785-5414

The PNW College Bound Program is a pre-college program on the Westville campus which supports selected students who have met academic, financial and additional PNW College Bound requirements. The program will continue to supports its participants, after high school, for up to 8 consecutive semesters at PNW as long as all mandatory criteria are met.

Upon completion of the PNW College Bound Program high school requirements, each CB student will receive (upon admission to PNW) the following:

  • Tuition and fee assistance, not covered by the 21st Century Scholars Program and/or Frank O’Bannon awards
  • Additional stipends awarded at the end of each college semester as well

Hammond Campus Location: Riley Center


  • Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Westville Campus Location: TECH 101


Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*Please call for summer and break hours.  In case of emergency, dial 911 or go to your local emergency room.

Phone: (219) 989-2366 (For both Hammond and Westville Campuses)


The Counseling Center’s mission is to encourage, support, and assist students in their educational pursuit by providing a broad range of psychological counseling and educational services to deal with personal, interpersonal, vocational, and academic issues.

Counseling services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and externs under their supervision and are confidential, as protected by law.  Additionally, all services are FREE to currently enrolled students.

Services Provided

Personal Counseling

  • Addresses personal concerns that may interfere with productive emotional functioning and academic success.
  • Personal concerns including: anger management, family and relationship problems, depression, anxiety, and stress, adjustment to college, body image, self-esteem and more.

Psychological Testing

  • The Counseling Center provides psychological, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological assessments as medically necessary for students seeking diagnostic clarity and assistance with treatment planning.
  • Students with a history of learning challenges, difficulties with attention, traumatic brain injury (e.g., concussion), developmental delays, etc. often benefit testing services to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide accommodations in coordination with the PNW Disability Access Center, as appropriate.

Mental Health Outreach

  • National Stalking Awareness
  • National Eating Disorder Awareness
  • National Alcohol Awareness Week & Screening Days
  • National Suicide Prevention
  • National Depression Screening Day
  • National Coming Out Day
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Movember
  • Self-Injury/Self-Harm Awareness
  • STD Awareness Week
  • Play Day

Feel free to stop by the Counseling Center to browse and choose from a wide variety of free self-help brochures.


All currently registered and enrolled PNW students are eligible for all services offered by the Counseling Center. Staff and faculty are eligible for consultations.


Indianapolis Boulevard Counseling Center – IBCC
7030 Indianapolis Boulevard
Hammond, IN 46324

Phone: (219) 989-2027

Fax: (219) 989-2777

Therapy Appointments Available

Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to last appointment time 8 p.m.

Friday, 9 a.m. to last appointment time 4 p.m.

The Couple and Family Therapy Center is part of the Master’s Program in Couple and Family Therapy. The center is staffed by graduate students in training who are supervised by faculty members. Faculty are Clinical Fellows and Approved Supervisors in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

The Center provides individual, couple, and family therapy, substance abuse recovery and anger management therapy. Premarital therapy and couple enrichment groups are available. The Center operates on a sliding fee scale based on family size and income. Bilingual services are often available.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union & Library – 313

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm

Phone: (219) 989-4141

Westville Campus Location: Library, Student, Faculty Building – 103

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm

Phone: (219) 785-5230



The staff of the Office of the Dean of Students provides many opportunities for students through the provision of an array of services and programs as listed below. In addition, the Dean of Students supports individual student rights and upholds the Student Code of Conduct.

The Office of the Dean of Students promotes responsibility and encourages honesty, integrity, and respect among Purdue Northwest students through education, compliance with behavioral standards, and support of individual rights. To sustain this mission we are committed to:

  • Working collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create an ethical and safe environment in which scholarship may flourish
  • Promoting good citizenship among students and administer conduct standards in a fair, respectful, and equitable manner
  • Disseminating and interpreting University regulations and standards to students, faculty, staff, parents, and the general community
  • Promoting compliance with the spirit and intent of the Bill of Student Rights and University Code of Conduct
  • Serving as a resource and information agency for students, faculty, staff, parents and others concerning student rights and standards
  • Guiding students toward a greater sense of personal responsibility and mature and ethical behavior that enhances the quality of the University and community environment
  • Providing guidance and educational experiences to assist students in making appropriate choices concerning behavior
  • Encouraging students to understand the consequences of the decisions they make and the actions they take in an attempt to help their holistic development for good citizenry

Student Advocates are located on each campus in the Office of the Dean of Students. Advocates work to address a wide variety of student needs and guide within university resources, policies and procedures.

Referral to community resources can be made as necessary and appropriate. Specialized support and advocacy are available to students who have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking.



Phone: (219) 989-2455

Fax: (219) 989- 2736

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union & Library-341

Academic-Year Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Westville Campus Location: TECH 101

Academic-Year Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Call for Friday Hours)

The Disability Access Center provides registered students with documented disabilities equal access to Purdue University Northwest. It is our goal that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in PNW while maintaining the same academic standards for all students. We collaborate with students, their families, faculty, and staff to promote a welcoming environment for college ready students with documented disabilities.

To register as a student with a disability at Purdue University Northwest

  1. Complete the DAC intake form by clicking Request DAC Services on the Disability Access Center website
  2. Schedule a confidential intake consultation with the Disability Access Center by calling 219-989-2455.
  3. Bring current documentation from a qualified medical provider to your meeting*
  4. During the intake consultation, the DAC staff will review the student’s current disability documentation; engage in an interactive process with the student to discuss disability, barriers caused by the disability, and appropriate accommodations based on the documentation provided and additional factors.
  5. Each time you register for classes complete an Authorization to Distribute choosing which professors and staff will receive your Access Plan

All students concerned about a possible disability impacting their university experience should contact the Disability Access Center at 219-989-2455.

*In some situations, we may be able to assist the student with securing the needed documentation. 

Hammond Campus Location: Schneider Avenue Building – 1132

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Additional hours available by appointment

Phone: (219) 989-2460

Fax: (219) 989-2094

Westville Campus Location: Schwarz Building – 35A

Phone: (219) 785-5423


Educational Talent Search identifies and assists individuals from eligible backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to and complete their post-secondary education.

We work collaboratively within targeted schools and with parents, teachers, counselors, and community outreach organizations. Educational Talent Search is a U.S. Department of Education federally funded TRIO program.

Our Mission

The mission of the Purdue University Educational Talent Search Program is “to enable targeted individuals an opportunity to enhance their overall quality of life by providing comprehensive involvement in academic and career-related services.”

Our Vision

At Educational Talent Search, we envision a program which works efficiently to offer a high quality of services and resources in a warm, positive, encouraging, and engaging environment that fosters equitable, healthy student/participant development.

Our Services

  • Academic, financial, career, and personal counseling
  • Advice about entry or re-entry to secondary or Post-secondary programs
  • Career exploration and aptitude assessment
  • Tutorial services on-site and online
  • Information on post-secondary education
  • Exposure to college campuses
  • Information on student financial assistance
  • Assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams
  • Special activities for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders
  • Workshops for the families of participants

Enrollment Services offers one-stop assistance in all aspects of the enrollment process. By visiting Enrollment Services, you can

  • learn more about admissions and Purdue Northwest’s programs
  • apply for financial aid and check your financial aid status
  • register for classes
  • review your account (bill)
  • pay your tuition and fees

Also, a student self-service area helps you do much of the enrollment process via the web.  Here are some of the current enrollment services through the Purdue Northwest Home Page

Through the Purdue University Northwest (myPNW) student portal, you can…

  • check current openings in classes
  • check dates, times, and faculty teaching classes
  • check your personal class schedule
  • view your address information
  • view and update your e-mail address
  • review your financial aid award
  • review your student account and pay your bill on-line
  • view holds
  • view your schedule
  • FERPA/PNW Proxy Access

Hammond Campus Location: University Services Building

Westville Campus Location: Facilities Services Campus Police Building

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 pm

This area is responsible for the maintenance of all buildings, parking lots, walkways, mechanical and electrical systems, and underground utilities. Also, building housekeeping, grounds maintenance, snow removal, and furniture/equipment relocation are handled by this department.

All facilities issues requiring immediate attention should be reported directly to 989-2285-Hammond and 785-5347-Westville. All other requests can be submitted through PNW Fix It at the Facilities Services website.

Hammond Campus Location: Enrollment Services Center (ESC), Lawshe Hall – 130

Phone: (219) 989-2301

Fax: (219) 989-2141

Email Address:

Westville Campus Location: Technology Building – 157

Phone: (219) 785-5460

Fax: (219) 785-5653


For complete and current information on financial aid policies, procedures, and important deadlines please visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

Hammond Campus Location: Fitness and Recreation Center

Hours: Posted in the Fitness and Recreation Center

Phone: (219) 989-2175

Fax: (219) 989-2558

Westville Campus Location: Dworkin Student Services & Activity Center

Hours: Posted in the Dworkin Student & Activity Center

Phone: (219) 785-5282


Over 40 intramural sports and recreational activities that include individual and team leagues as well as one-night tournaments and open plays.  There is something for everyone from your traditional sports; flag football; volleyball and basketball to your non-traditional; baking, fishing and dodgeball.  For more information call (219) 989-2050.

Fitness Centers

Purdue University Northwest has a fitness center located on each campus.  Both facilities are multi-dimensional, state of the art training and teaching facilities featuring high-tech, computerized equipment, convenient hours, and a professional staff of degreed exercise physiologists and exercise specialists.

Both centers are staffed while open to provide individual assistance, demonstrate equipment usage and provide the needed guidance and training to help members achieve their personal fitness goals.

Hammond Campus

For the current hours of operation, please see

Oaken Arbor Market Café

Location: East end of Student Union & Library, Ground floor

Market @ CLO

Location: Classroom Office Building, First floor

All food and beverage provided on Hammond campus is prepared by Chartwells Dining.  There are three types of food service available:  Cafe Style full breakfast, hot entrees, soup, salad, sandwich, dessert, grill items, and pizza.

Catering is available seven days a week.  Please see / to view our catering guide.

Location: Lawshe-242


  • Monday to Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-2257



The Graduate Studies Office provides general information about Purdue University Northwest Graduate Studies and the graduate degree programs available at Purdue Northwest at the Hammond location: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP); Master’s degrees in Communication, Computer Science, History, Couple and Family Therapy, Education, Biological Sciences, Nursing, Technology, Interdisciplinary Engineering (MSE) with a concentration in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE), Mechanical Engineering (MSME), Accountancy (MAcc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Modeling, Simulation and Visualization (MSMSV).

Non-degree graduate study and graduate certificates in some programs are also available. Some programs or concentrations may be available online. Program and course descriptions, and information about the online application for admission to graduate study, can be obtained from this office or on the website listed above.

  • The Graduate Studies Office also assists students with other matters related to graduate education, such as admissions and deferrals of admission, fee remissions for graduate staff positions, issues involving the electronic Plan of Study system (ePOS) and approval of plans of study, and final degree approvals and thesis deposit. Detailed information about the services provided by the Graduate Studies Office can be found on the website listed above.
  • You may conveniently apply on-line as a non-degree, certificate, or degree-seeking student.
  • Purdue Northwest also offers graduate courses in areas other than those in which complete degree programs are available. The Office of Graduate Studies can provide further information about these courses. Basic information about the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is available online. Students are encouraged to check the website for information about the GRE and GMAT tests.

LaPorte Physician Network at Westville Campus

Phone: (219) 304-6100

Fax: (219) 785-6055


Hammond Campus Location: Central Office located in Griffin Hall, 2440 173rd Street

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm

Phone: (219) 989-4150



University Village offers a unique living environment designed to enrich the academic experience of Purdue University Northwest students and support the campus’ diverse student body both academically and socially. The apartments at University Village are fully furnished and feature four individual bedrooms, four personal vanity areas, two full baths, a common living area and a kitchen.

University Village combines the independence of apartment-style living with the guidance and assistance afforded by Resident Assistants, administrative personnel and maintenance staff. The Resident Assistants provide weekly events and activities to ensure the experience each resident obtains outside of the classroom is just as beneficial as the learning that occurs in the classroom.

The University Village community also offers quiet study rooms, conference rooms, large meeting rooms, computer labs, laundry facilities on each floor and vending machines.  The Resident Handbook, a guide to living on campus, can be found on the Housing website.

Information Services provides a number of resources for students to facilitate success in your academic program. Some of these services include:

Customer Service Center (CSC)

Hammond Campus Location: Powers Building – 216

Westville Campus Location: Tech Building – 265


Phone Number: (219) 989-2888


The Customer Service Center is the single point of contact and the channel between users and Information Services for dealing with a variety of technology service activities.  This includes incidents, inquiries, outages, access and service requests for assistance.  The CSC logs and monitors incidents and service requests in the centralized ticket system.

For hours of operation, please visit our website.

Walk-In Knowledge Bar and Tech Support

  • Easily accessible at both campuses
  • Walk-up support
  • Updated comfortable seating
  • Charging stations, power outlets and data ports to keep you powered up
  • Password changes
  • Outlook Support, etc.

Wireless Network (eduroam)

  • eduroam is Purdue University Northwest’s secure wireless network
  • Connects wireless-ready laptops, tablets, and phones to the PNW network and the Internet
  • Accessible throughout all campus buildings and select green spaces
  • All connections to eduroam are authenticated and encrypted in order to help protect your data
  • Login with as your username and your career account password


Email is an essential communication tool used by faculty, staff, and students on campus. We encourage you to check your university e-mail account regularly to ensure you do not miss receiving important information related to your classes and status within the University.

Computer Labs

Locations: Various (see below)

Website:Computer Labs and Classrooms

Telephone: (219) 989-2888

For hours of operation, please visit our website.

Open-Access Computers

  • Provide basic computing services such as Microsoft Office
  • Open to all students
  • Loaded with software that can be utilized for homework, research and class projects

Hammond Campus Locations

  • Gyte Learning Commons, Gyte 035, 040, 044, 045 & 048
  • Anderson, Classroom Office (CLO) and Porter Buildings
  • University Village – Peregrine and Griffin Hall
  • Library – Student Union Library (SUL) Building
  • Specialized computer labs available through your academic department

Westville Campus Locations

  • Tech Building 053
  • Tech Building 265
  • Library – Library Student Faculty (LSF) Building
  • LSF 014 – Lounge
  • LSF 114 – Cyber Café Lounge

Specialized computer labs available through your academic department

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Additional hours available by appointment

Phone: (219) 989-2728


Student-Athlete Academic Support’s (SAAS) goal is to cultivate the development of student-athletes as they balance academics with athletics while pursuing a postsecondary and/or graduate degree. A number of services, such as academic monitoring, referral services, webinars, academic advising and academic/personal development workshops are employed within the Student-Athlete Academic Support to aid student-athletes in successfully pursuing their academic goals.

The Associate Athletic Director of Academic Services/SWA asks for progress reports from the Executive Director of Academic Success and Transition, Academic Center for Excellence and will share that information with student-athletes and coaches once a semester during the mid-term.

All student-athletes are subject to academic monitoring and may be referred to other service areas on campus for assistance in academic areas, Student-Athlete Academic Support strongly encourages student-athletes to become familiar with, and to utilize, all of the services and programs offered on PNW’s campus. This academic monitoring provides faculty with an opportunity to briefly evaluate the student-athletes’ overall performance.

Student-athletes who receive a 2.0 or below are encouraged to meet with the Student-Athlete Academic Support Staff to develop programming which will help the student-athlete to receive the highest grade possible in the respective course. This programming may include faculty-student conferences, faculty-student-SAAS Advisor conferences, tutorial assistance, and/or referral services.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union & Library, Second Floor

Telephone: (219) 989-2224

Westville Campus Location: Library Student Faculty Building, Second Floor

Telephone: (219) 785-5248


For hours of operation, please visit our website.

  • Accessible, trusted, and indispensable learning environment, fundamental to student academic achievement in college
  • Deliver high quality information, provide excellent guidance in its use
  • Promote learning in attractive, technologically advanced, and personally comfortable environment

Hammond Campus: Lawshe Hall – 310

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-2217


The Office of Marketing and Communications is the official marketing and news source for Purdue Northwest. We work with the Colleges and units throughout PNW to advance the university’s brand and promote student achievements and success, inside and outside the classroom.

Student Organizations looking to publicize activities and events should work through the Office of Student Life. You will learn about a variety of media available to you including: social media, the PNW website, posters, signs including LCD screens, and email to students, faculty and staff.

You will find a wide range of resources and information including brand guidelines on the Marketing and Communications website.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union & Library – 343

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Additional hours available by appointment

Phone: (219) 989-2779

Fax: (219) 989-2179


The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is a program designed to prepare and encourage Purdue University Northwest students who are first-generation, low-income or from groups under-represented in graduate education for doctoral study (not necessarily at Purdue).

Scholars in the program benefit from a support system that enhances their academic as well as social experiences at Purdue Northwest through summer research internships, seminars designed to prepare them for doctoral study, learning assistance, counseling, and graduate admission and financial aid assistance.

After receiving an admission letter and accepting their offer of admission, students can register online for orientation. Several orientation sessions are offered prior to each semester.

At New Student Orientation students have the opportunity to meet new people, learn how to navigate Purdue University Northwest’s technology, and hear about resources to help them be more successful students. Students also meet with their academic advisor and register for semester classes.

Special events are sponsored to check on students’ progress at the University and to encourage peer networking. Learn more about New Student Orientation including how to register for an Orientation event.

Hammond Campus Location: University Services Building – 6

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-2359

Fax: (219) 989-2659

Westville Campus Location: Technology Building – 131

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (219) 785-5550

Fax: (219) 785-5466


Mail Website:

Print Website:

Print/Mail Services provides a wide array of services including black & white copies, color copies, carbonless forms, business cards, presentations, letterhead, envelopes, letters, note pads, flyers, booklet production, posters, three-hole punching, spiral binding, thermo binding, shrink wrap, laminating, collating, staple, folding, cutting, and padding. Price quotes upon request.

We also handle a list of supply items:

Copy Paper 8 ½ x 11 (per case), Copy Paper 8 ½ x 14 (per ream), Copy paper 11 x 17 (per ream), Color Copy Paper (per ream), PNW Logo Pocket Folders (each), NCS Exam Sheets (per ream), PNW Logo Address Labels (6 per sheet), PNW Logo Name Tags (8 per sheet), Recycled Scratch Pads (each), Moving Boxes (each), Banker Boxes (each)

Walk-up copying is available in all lounges, on the Hammond campus in ANDR-Anderson Bldg. / CLO-Classroom Office Bldg. / LAWS-Lawshe Hall Bldg. / PORTER-Porter Hall Bldg. / GYTE- Gyte Bldg., and on the Westville campus in SWRZ-Schwarz Hall 130 Vending Room and LSF 243. In addition to student labs, student printing is also available in the Cyber Café LSF 114.

A variety of Recreational Activities and Sports are offered for all students who are fitness center members and hold a valid Purdue University Northwest student ID card.  Programs include basketball, volleyball, Ping-Pong, and badminton, and air hockey, use of indoor track, weightlifting, handball, racquetball, and specialty classes.

There is a charge for reserved racquetball court use; advance reservations are suggested and can be made up to seven days in advance. Call (219) 989-2550 to reserve a court.

Lockers, locks, towels, etc. may be rented at the Recreation Desk. Fees are posted.

Hammond Campus Location: Lawshe Hall Room 130

Phone: (219) 989-2210

Westville Campus Location: Schwarz Hall Room 40

Phone: (219) 785-5342

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



The major functions coordinated by the Office of the Registrar are:

  • Registration for classes
  • Schedule revisions (drops and adds)
  • Grade processing
  • Maintaining and updating academic records
  • Processing transcript requests
  • Certification for graduation/commencement planning
  • Enrollment verification
  • Academic scheduling and room assignment
  • Graduation/degree verification
  • Diplomas

The personnel in the Office of the Registrar are responsible for recording pertinent information about each student who attends Purdue University Northwest.  Personal data such as address, phone number, ID number, residence classification, school and major, as well as records of academic performance, are maintained in historical format in this office. The online computer system facilitates the quick and easy processing of registration and schedule changes.

Some of the services that students may obtain in the Office of the Registrar are:

  • Advisor listing
  • Certification of good standing/enrollment
  • Veteran’s certification; benefits information
  • Copies of academic record (transcripts)
  • Change of address, name, and residence classification
  • Transfer to other Purdue campuses
  • Change of major or degree objective
  • Class schedules
  • Grade changes/removal of incomplete grades
  • Auditing classes
  • Information about in-state tuition requirements

Staff members in the Office of the Registrar are available to assist students in understanding University policies and procedures and interpretation of the academic regulations.

Privacy of Student Records

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Purdue University agrees to protect the privacy of educational records of all students.  No personally identifiable information, other than Directory Information as designated in the formal institutional policy, will be disclosed outside the University without prior written consent of the student.

All students have the right to inspect the information contained in their own education records and to formally challenge the contents of the records.  Copies of the formal institutional policy, which provides detailed information for implementation of the Act, may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar or on the Registrar’s website.

Residence Classification

A student’s initial residency classification is determined by the appropriate Office of Admission (Undergraduate Office of Admission or Graduate School Office of Admission).

Continuing undergraduate level students, and all graduate level students, interested in a residency classification review should contact the Office of the Registrar or visit the Registrar’s website.

Persons responsible for determining residence classification are authorized to require such certificates, affidavits, documents, or other evidence, as they deem necessary.  In all cases, the burden of proof shall be upon the student making a claim of resident student status.

In addition to the required proof to be considered domiciled in Indiana, a person must reside continuously in the state for a predominant purpose other than attending an institution of higher educations for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes of the term for which resident classification is sought.


Students wishing to change their curriculum of study at Purdue Northwest or wishing to transfer to another Purdue campus, must follow appropriate procedures. Procedures for each process may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar.  Staff members will explain the process and will advise the students of any deadlines involved in transferring and/or changing majors.

Purdue Northwest is committed to maintaining a positive and safe environment free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment. In addition, the University complies with several federal laws, including the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act. SaVE requires students to receive primary prevention and education awareness about sexual violence.

PNW provides Respect Boundaries online training to new incoming and transfer students via our Learning Management System, Brightspace. Respect Boundaries consists of four modules: Purdue University Policies and Procedures, Risk Reduction and Prevention, Relationship Violence, and Supporting Survivors: Resources and Services.

Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at or call the Hammond campus, (219) 989-4141, or the Westville campus, (219) 785-5230, for questions regarding the Respect Boundaries Program.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union Library Building, Room 349

Phone: (219) 989-2600

Westville Campus Location: Library, Student Faculty Building, Room 104

Phone: (219) 785-5451


Monday through Friday, 8 to 4:30 p.m. (Hammond)

Monday through Thursday, 8 to 4:30 p.m.* (Westville)

*Fridays by appointment only


Student Employment: Learn Here, Work Here, Graduate Here

Each year Purdue University Northwest students work in many different departments all across our campus, as well as off-campus community partners. Students work in a variety of roles including information technology, research, campus communications, office administration, reading or math tutors and more. They act as an integral part of making the university run smoothly, while gaining skills that will help them in their future professional positions.

How to Find Student Employment

Incoming and actively enrolled students can seek out on campus student employment opportunities through the SuccessFactor’s student employment portal. You must create a profile and upload your resume in the system to apply to jobs.

  • Log onto:
  • Click “View Profile”
  • New Users select “Create an account to apply for career opportunities”
  • Once your account has been created, you need to create a profile to apply to open positions on campus. You can do this by clicking the “My Profile” tab, and make sure you upload your resume.
  • Search jobs by clicking on the “Students” portal. Please make sure you pay attention to the location of the position that is listed.

How to find a Job or Internship Off Campus

Handshake is a modern career development platform that provides students and alumni with advanced online tools, available on all devices, including mobile technology. This system provides:

  • Relevant feed of job and internship opportunities
  • News feeds containing the latest information from the Career Center and your favorite employers
  • Resources that specifically match your interests
  • Appointment scheduling with select Career Center staff.

Access to the Handshake is available to actively enrolled, degree seeking students and alumni of Purdue on the first day of your first semester and will be maintained as long as you are actively enrolled and degree seeking, including after graduation!

You can login to your Handshake account at

Questions? Come see us in the Career Center anytime Monday through Thursday between 1 to 4 p.m. and we can help!

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union & Library – 324F

Phone: (219) 989-2885

Westville Campus Location: Dworkin Student Services & Activities Complex – 1021

Phone: (219) 785-5479


The Student Government Association (SGA) of Purdue University Northwest serves as the chief advocate for student interests at the University.  As one of the four governance groups, SGA represents students’ perspectives to faculty, staff and administrators; provides representatives to University committees; and catalyzes inventive projects by which to improve students’ college experiences.

SGA is comprised of the Executive Board, which supports the Student Body President and advances the objectives of their administration, and the Student Senate, whose delegates are elected from and represent the five Colleges.

The impressive capabilities of Student Government depend on student support and engagement, so all students are encouraged to become involved!  Participation may be as simple as posting messages to their social media pages or as dedicated as running for office.

Annual elections take place in the spring semester, at which time students have the opportunity to elect their president, vice president, and senators for the coming year.  Students who wish to make more flexible commitments to Student Government may join as representatives and support officers in their projects.

While students gain invaluable leadership experience by being contributing members of their Student Government Association, they simultaneously enrich campus life. All Purdue University Northwest students are members by nature of their enrollment in the University.

If you have comments or suggestions that you would like to share with your SGA representatives, please feel free to stop by or call, they look forward to hearing from you!

The Office of New Student Orientation on the Hammond campus manages the student ID system. The Office of Admissions on the Westville campus manages the student ID system.

Students can use their student ID to check out library books, work out at the Fitness Center, obtain a meal plan, live at Housing and Residential Life and attend select events. To obtain a student ID students should bring a photo ID and current class schedule to each campus’s designated ID area.

Your first ID is free so be sure to hold on to it! You’ll use the same ID your entire time at Purdue Northwest. The replacement fee for lost IDs is $15, which must be paid at the Bursar’s Office prior to obtaining another PNW ID.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union Library – 325

Phone: (219) 989-2369

Westville Campus Location: Dworkin Student Services & Activities Complex – 1021

Phone: (219) 785-5479



The Office of Student Life is a dynamic office that provides opportunities for students to grow and learn outside of the classroom. We provide diverse programming that supports student’s professional, academic, and personal goals.

Our office connects students with the Purdue University Northwest community, as well as outreach into the communities surrounding our campuses.

Please join us for events like: Welcome Week, Pride Stride, Play Day, Pancake Study Break, Alternative Spring Break, and many others.

Students who are interested in planning events are encouraged to join the Student Programming Board. The Student Programming Board assists the Office of Student Life in planning Purdue Northwest student events. Students will gain experience in marketing, event planning, communications, and budget management.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union Library Building – 325

Phone: (219) 989-2369

Westville Campus Location: Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex

Phone: (219) 785-5479

Make the most of your college experience! Getting involved is easy with more than 100 student organizations that include departmental, professional, multicultural, performing arts, Greek, spiritual, recreational, and social organizations.

Students are also encouraged to join the Pioneer (student newspaper) and Student Government Association. Joining a student organization will enhance your leadership skills, establish connections with faculty, staff and students, and further develop your resume.

For more details, go

Hammond Location

Student Union Library, Room 318
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN  46323

(219) 989-2504

Westville Location

Technology Building, Room 265
1401 S. US 421
Westville, IN 46391

(219) 785-5326


PNW’s testing centers are certified test sites for national, institutional, placement and certification exams.  We also offer academic (classroom) exams, proctored testing, CLEP exams and the ACT Residual.  Photo ID is required for all testing.

All exams are scheduled using our online registration system, RegisterBlast.

Placement testing is provided by appointment at both campuses for math, English and foreign language (Spanish, German and French).  There is no cost for the English placement test, cost for foreign language placement is $10.00 and cost for math placement is $25.00.  For more information on placement testing, please see our website.

Information on other tests, including CLEP exams, make-up or proctored testing, ACT Residual or certification exams can be found at, or please contact either center at the phone or email listed above.

Location: Lawshe-130, Hammond Campus

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-2213


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is committed to provide transfer students with a seamless transfer experience to Purdue University Northwest.  It provides information about Purdue University Northwest undergraduate programs and transfer student admission requirements.

Transfer admission staff is available for pre-admission counseling by phone or in person appointments. Transfer student scholarships are administered through this department as funds are available.

Location: Schwarz Building – 38

Phone: (219) 785-5312



TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program focused on serving first-generation, income-eligible, college students. TRIO SSS will provide a comprehensive set of services that emphasize academic excellence, cultural awareness, and life-long learning.


Guiding first-generation students to graduation. Our mission is to provide learning, discovery, and engagement opportunities through quality academic, career, and personal support. The goal is simple—lead students to the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree!


TRIO SSS serves 195 students a year. Eligible students must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment at Purdue University Northwest, be a U.S. citizen or meet residency requirements, and have an academic need. In addition, participants must also meet one of the following requirements:

  • is a first-generation college student;
  • eligible for state or federal grants; or
  • have a documented disability.


TRIO Student Support Services provides academic, social, and cultural opportunities. Support is provided through one-on-one advising and program sponsored events. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Academic advising and coaching
  • Career advising
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Financial aid guidance & financial literacy
  • Scholarship search assistance
  • Graduate school admission advising
  • Success skills building (i.e. study strategies, testing techniques, and time management)
  • Social, cultural, and service activities
  • Access to a private computer lab and laptops available for rent

Hammond Campus Location: Schneider Avenue Building – 1112


Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Evenings by appointment

Phone: (219) 989-2392

Fax: (219) 989-2036


Upward Bound is a continuous four-year pre-college program for students in target area high schools in Lake County Indiana. It is a federally funded TRIO program that provides supportive academic instruction, including but not limited to,  tutoring, college tours, career seminars, pre college entrance exams-SAT, ACT, admissions, financial aid and special interest workshops.

It is designed to generate skills and motivate low income-first generation high school students with the necessary activities and curriculum for a successful post-secondary education including enrollment in college credit classes at Purdue University Northwest-Hammond Campus.

It has been in existence at Purdue University Northwest-Hammond Campus since 1965.  In addition to the academic year in which students attend 20-22 Saturdays, six to eight week summer programs are also offered through Purdue University Northwest. A summer Bridge component is also offered which allows students to take college classes immediately after high school graduation.

Hammond Campus Location: Student Union & Library – 335

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Additional hours available by appointment for both campuses

Phone: (219) 989-2772

Westville Campus Location: Leonard J. Brown Veteran Student Center, Dworkin Student Activities Complex – 1002

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-2772


Along with university services including Priority Registration, Fee Deferment, and assistance with VA certification, the Office of Veteran Services offers a combination of services to aid in successful degree completion by providing support in the transition from the military environment into the academic environment with referrals to appropriate university support services and guidance during military deployment.

Both locations on the Hammond (SUL 335) and Westville (DSAC 1002) campuses offer a dedicated space with access to computers, CAC Readers, television, complimentary coffee and an informal location to network and study.

Purdue Northwest has been designated a Military Friendly institution, which means the University makes a commitment and effort to have a benefit to the campus and military community.  The Office of Veteran Services may be contacted at 219-989-2772 or via email at

To ensure veterans educational benefits can be processed in a timely manner, veterans planning on using their educational benefits should communicate early with the Veterans Certifying Officials in the Office of the Registrar:

Hammond Campus

Lawshe – 130

(219) 989-1109

Westville Campus

Schwarz Hall – 40

(219) 785-5342


  • Lawshe-352, Hammond Campus
  • Schwarz – 136, Westville Campus

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: (219) 989-2367

Students are encouraged to visit the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (VCEMSA) regarding any questions concerning University policies and procedures, discrimination/harassment by any University employee, or general questions concerning student life on campus.

The Office of Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating all non-academic services which are designed to recruit and enroll students in a supportive campus environment in which students are able to develop and succeed — academically, intellectually and personally.

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs includes the following offices: Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Registrar’s Office, EMSA Reporting and Operational Intelligence, Housing and Residential Education, Office of the Dean of Students, Student Support and Advocacy, Campus Life and Student Activities, Student Organizations and Leadership Development, Student Government, Counseling Center, Disability Access Center, Student Conduct, Career Services Center, TRIO/Educational Opportunity Program, Lions Cub Childcare Center, Office of Veterans Services, McNair Achievement Program, 21st Century Scholars Program, Upward Bound and College Bound Programs, New Student Orientation and Testing Services, and University Welcome Centers.

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs assists with creating a student-centered environment designed for student success through services and programs administered outside of and in conjunction with academic programs. The staff, faculty and the student leaders with whom they partner are committed to a team approach to creating this supportive environment that is the hallmark of a Purdue University Northwest.

Hammond Campus Location: Classroom Office Building (CLO) 265

Phone: (219) 989-2200

Westville Campus Location: Library Student Facility (LSF) 211

Phone: (219) 785-5383


The Writing Center at Purdue University Northwest offers one-to-one and group tutorial assistance to all University students. The Writing Center is staffed by graduate and undergraduate peer tutors who are trained to help with any stage of the writing process.

The Writing Center also offers workshops throughout the semester, as well as a quiet space to work on all types of writing, privately or with assistance. To meet with a tutor, students may either make an advanced appointment through the website or drop by for a walk-in appointment.  Computer workstations are also available in the Writing Center.

Policies and Procedures

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List is Purdue University Northwest’s way of recognizing undergraduate students for outstanding scholastic achievement. At the conclusion of each semester, the registrar shall indicate which undergraduate students are scholastically eligible to be included on the Dean’s List. To be cited on the Dean’s List for any semester, one must:

  • have at least 12 hours included in the cumulative GPA
  • have at least 6 hours included in the semester GPA
  • attain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • have at least a 3.0 current semester GPA

Semester Honors

Semester Honors recognize undergraduate students who:

  • have at least six credit hours in the semester with a semester GPA of at least 3.5, and
  • have at least a 2.0 overall GPA

Students whose names are placed on the Dean’s List shall be entitled to the following special privileges during the semester following the designation of distinction :

  1. may be assigned to more than 18 credit hours upon request.
  2. with the instructors permission, a full-time Dean’s List student may audit one class without assessment or additional fee

It would be possible to earn both Dean’s List and Semester Honors standing if the student has a really outstanding semester.

Note: Pass/no-pass grades and credits do not count in hours totals for either category of honors.  For the most current information on Academic Honors, visit the PNW Catalog.

The Academic Integrity process is one component of an overall system promoting academic integrity at Purdue University Northwest. Appeals of alleged academic dishonesty will operate in accordance with the Purdue University Northwest Code of Student Conduct, the Student and Faculty Handbooks on Academic Integrity, and other initiatives related to the promotion of academic integrity. These initiatives will be coordinated by the PNW Academic Integrity Committee, which reports to the Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Purdue University Northwest’s Academic Integrity Policy can be found at

Purdue University Northwest follows the Purdue University system Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

In Fall 2011, Purdue implemented a new policy: Medical Amnesty for Student Intoxication

University policy prohibits the use or possession of alcoholic beverages on campus and while involved in University sponsored activities while traveling. Consumption, outside of university-related events, of alcoholic beverages by students of legal drinking age will be governed by the guidelines set out for the trip.

For example, if students are participating in a graduate visitation program at the University of Iowa and the official structured program ends at 5 p.m., students of legal drinking age may go out for an unsupervised dinner and have an alcoholic beverage if allowed by guides as expressed by the university representative in charge.

Purdue University prohibits Amorous Relationships between a student and any University employee who has educational responsibility over the student, and supervisors and subordinates where there is a supervisory or evaluative relationship.  Amorous Relationships should be reported to the department or unit head who will ensure that arrangements are made to sever the supervisory or evaluative relationship between the parties.

See the Policy

Purdue University is committed to maintaining an educational and work climate for faculty, staff, and students that is positive and free from all forms of Harassment.  Harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Harassment is conduct that has the purpose or effect of:

  • Creating an intimidating or hostile environment
  • Unreasonably interfering with or affecting a person’s:
    • Educational environment
    • Work environment
    • Participation in a University activity

Includes Racial Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Stalking.

See the Policy

Students are expected to attend every meeting of the classes in which they are enrolled. At the beginning of a semester, all instructors should make a statement to each of their classes regarding the handling of unavoidable absences.

See the Attendance Policy

All matters relative to such absences, including making up of work missed, shall be arranged by the student and instructor involved. A student who is absent may be denied credit for work missed. The instructor will be responsible for counseling with the student whose absences endanger the student’s academic performance.

When Attendance Becomes a Problem

A problem related to excessive absences may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students by either the instructor or the student if further information is needed or if either feels that further discussion would resolve the problem.

A student’s absence from all meetings of any regularly scheduled class as defined by an instructor’s absence policy may be reported to the Dean of Students or his/her designee for appropriate action. If excessive absences occur, the instructor can request that the student be administratively withdrawn from the course by the Office of the Registrar.

The Bill of Student Rights can be found on the West Lafayette webpage. Purdue University students enjoy the protections and freedoms afforded in the Bill of Student Rights. Privacy, expression, grades and more are addressed.

Purdue University Northwest supports the principles of freedom of expression for both faculty and students. The University respects the rights of faculty to teach and students to learn. Maintenance of these rights requires conditions in the learning environment that do not impede the learning process. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. An individual engaging in such behavior may be subject to disciplinary action.

Purdue University Northwest’s Classroom Disruption Policy can be found at:

Process for Addressing Student Issues, Concerns or Problems

Purdue University Northwest seeks to help students with problems at the most appropriate level in the University.  Students should proceed through the appropriate department in which the student had the issue, concern or problem as outlined by following the appropriate chain-of-command.

Classroom/Academic Issues

Students should discuss classroom issues with their instructor.  If unresolved, students should follow the academic-chain-of-command for that department.

Non-class Issue

Students should discuss University issues with the appropriate staff member or supervisor. If unresolved, students should follow the non-academic-chain-of-command for that department.

Students have the opportunity to submit complaints to the Office of Dean of Students. The complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate department.  Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students for further assistance at (219) 989-4141 for the Hammond campus or (219) 785-5230 for the Westville campus.

Purdue University Northwest follows the Purdue University system policy for Copyrights and Patents.

Faculty are in the best position to help students understand ownership rights related to outside funding or other support within a specific course.  Persons requiring further information regarding this University policy should contact the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Stephen R. Turner, Lawshe-334, (219) 989-2232.

Any employee, student, campus visitor, or person participating in a University activity, whether on or off campus, who believes they have experienced or witnessed discrimination and/or harassment is encouraged to report the incident(s) promptly to the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion ( or to the Office of the Dean of Students ( if the Respondent involves a student.

See the Procedures

Purdue University is committed to maintaining an inclusive community that recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Purdue University views, evaluates and treats all persons solely as individuals on the basis of their own personal abilities and qualifications.

Purdue does not condone and will not tolerate discrimination against any individual and ensures all persons have equal access to its employment and educational opportunities, services, and activities.

See the Policy

Each class is scheduled for a two-hour meeting during the final exam period. Courses not scheduled for an exam period are those classified as workshop, practice teaching, individual study, and those offered for zero credit. However, any such course is included in the schedule by specific request of the appropriate schedule deputy.

Final exam week consists of six scheduled days in regular semesters, which comprise the 16th week of the semester. Two-hour class meetings during the final period will be scheduled on the advice of the Office of the Registrar. Scheduling of final exams during the summer session is scaled appropriately to meet demands.

The guiding principles of final exam scheduling include:

  1. Minimize the number of direct student examination conflicts.
  2. Minimize the number of students who have more than two examinations on the same day.
  1. Minimize the number of students who have consecutive (back-to-back) exams.
  2. In the case of exam conflict or more than two exams on one day, the affected student after consultation with the instructors involved, may elect which of the exams are to be taken at the scheduled time (s). Saturday of the exam period may be used for solving these scheduling problems.

Final exam schedules are posted online one month after the beginning of each semester. The schedule can be viewed on the Registrar’s website.

Please refer to the University’s Academic Catalog for the most current information on Grades.

Purdue University Northwest’s complete Grade Appeals Policy can be found at

In the academic community, grades are a measure of student achievement toward fulfillment of course objectives. The responsibility for assessing student achievement and assigning grades rests with the instructor and, except for unusual circumstances, the course grade given is final.

The PNW Grade Appeals Policy affords recourse to a student who has evidence or believes that evidence exists to show that he or she has been assigned an inappropriate grade. Additionally, a student may challenge the reduction of a grade for reason of alleged academic dishonesty.

A student who wishes to appeal a grade must file a written notice of intention to appeal with the Chair of the University Committee for Grade Appeals. This written notice must be filed by the twenty-first calendar day from the start of classes of the semester session (exclusive of summer) following the session in which the grade was given. The written intention to appeal must include the date, course, section, semester, name of the course instructor, and a statement as to why the grade given was inappropriate. The Chair shall forward a copy of this written notice to the instructor.

In appealing a grade, the burden of proof is on the student, except in the case of alleged academic dishonesty, where the instructor must support the allegation of academic dishonesty.

Purdue University recognizes that a time of bereavement is very difficult for a student. The University therefore provides the following rights to students facing the loss of a family member through the Grief Absence Policy for Students (GAPS).

GAPS Policy: Students will be excused for funeral leave and given the opportunity to earn equivalent credit and to demonstrate evidence of meeting the learning outcomes for missed assignments or assessments in the event of the death of a member of the student’s family.

Scope: This policy applies to all full-time and part-time students currently enrolled in the Purdue University System.

Purdue University Northwest’s complete Grief Absence Policy can be found at:

The University Honor Code can be found on the West Lafayette webpage at

I understand that academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at Purdue University Northwest. I am here to learn. Through learning, I will strive to become a better person and a more valuable contributor to society.

I understand that dishonesty in the classroom, through cheating, plagiarism or other dishonest acts, defeats this purpose and disgraces the mission and quality of a Purdue University Northwest education.

Therefore, I make the following pledge: in accordance with the Honor Code, I will not engage in dishonesty in my academic activities, and I will not tolerate such dishonesty by other students.

All Purdue Information Technology Policies are maintained in West Lafayette.  Information regarding these policies can be found by going to the links below.

Email Policy:

Technology Acceptable Use Policy:

All Purdue Information Technology Policies:

Purdue University has an Anti-Nepotism Policy, per Executive Memorandum C-37, 29 September 2014, concerning nepotism for persons who have employment status. The Purdue University Nepotism Policy states that, “Employment opportunities with the University are not and should not be based upon or influenced by family relationships. In addition, the University maintains policies guarding against employment relationships from which nepotism may arise.” This policy can be found at on Purdue’s Nepotism Policy page.

Whereas this policy does not apply to students and faculty relationships in the classroom, the Office of the Dean of Students has the following tips regarding students who are attending classes or labs, etc. that are taught by those who are considered family members, or relatives. “Family members” are defined as those who are spouses, parents or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins; this includes those who are related by blood or by marriage.

Office of the Dean of Students Statement

Likewise, the Office of the Dean of Students issues the following statement about students being taught in the classroom by relatives:

Teaching one’s relatives makes it difficult for one to be objective in one’s treatment of the relative.  It is for this reason that it is strongly discouraged.  Further, faculty who finds themselves in this predicament, to avoid the appearance of impropriety, should take one of the following actions

  • Work with department head to transfer student to another section of the same class, or
  • Work with the department head to have student take an Independent Study with a different professor, or
  • Work with department head for other options

Purdue University prohibits discrimination against any member of the University community on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, genetic information, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, or status as a veteran.

Review the Policy

For more information on Parking Regulations, please visit the Getting to PNW website.

Open parking exists for all students in an area not restricted for handicapped parking, staff parking, or reserved parking.  Parking in handicapped areas will be restricted to those vehicles which display a valid state issued placard or plate, or valid temporary handicapped permit issued by Purdue University Police Department.

For more information on Personal Injury, Accident, or Serious Illness procedures please visit the University Police website.

Guidelines to follow in case of personal injury, accident or serious illness may be found on the Purdue University Northwest Emergency Preparedness page.

Designated posting locations for both campuses can be found at

General Display Postings

Several public display boards, kiosks, and areas are available on campus and will be labeled as such.  Be advised all public display areas will be cleared at the end of each semester.

Items posted improperly and/or displayed in unapproved locations, including entrance doors, will be removed and discarded.

Questions regarding the location of public display areas should be directed to PNW Facilities Services.

Information for Students

The small bulletin boards located near each classroom and lab door are for the exclusive use of the registrar and the faculty teaching in that space.  Postings on these boards will generally be limited to class cancellation and related academic scheduling issues.

All bulletin boards inside general purpose classrooms and instructional labs are reserved for instructional materials posted by faculty.  Timely removal of the material is encouraged.  Unless otherwise indicated on the material, these boards will also be cleared at the end of each semester.

Posting Personal Items

If you wish to post or mount personal items inside a private office or other location not visible to the general public, please refrain from using adhesives, tape or tacks on any wooden or painted surface.  Doing so may cause significant damage.

Poster putty is recommended for temporary paper displays.  If you have a bulletin board, favorite photo, artwork or any other item to be mounted, please submit a work order request in PNW Fix It on the PNW website or via email to

For the most current information, please view the Academic Regulations on our Academic Catalog.

Adding Courses

Students may add courses during the first four weeks of the semester by submitting a completed drop/add card to the Office of the Registrar. The signatures of both the academic advisor and instructor of the class being added are required during the second, third, and fourth weeks of the semester.

Student Athletes must contact the Athletic Department in order to process changes to their semester schedule. Signatures are required for these changes.

Week 1: No approval required.

Week 2-4: Approval of academic advisor and instructor.

Week 5-9: Extenuating circumstances only. Approval of academic advisor, instructor and head of the department in which the course is listed.

Week 10-16: Not permitted.

Dropping Courses

Students may withdraw from courses by submitting a drop/add card to the Office of the Registrar.

The time period in which a student withdraws from a course determines the recording of the course on the student’s transcript. The following guidelines apply to the sixteen week Fall and Spring semesters only. Accelerated term and Summer term refund schedules are calculated based upon a modified schedule.

Week 1-2: No grade recorded on academic record

Week 3-12: W grade recorded on academic record

Week 13-16: No withdrawals are allowed*

* Exceptions. Exceptions to the preceding regulations for registration, schedule revision, and cancellation of assignment may be made for courses that do not span the regular semester or summer session

Schedule revisions are completed only after they have been processed in the Office of the Registrar.

For the most current information, please view the Academic Regulations on our Academic Catalog.

Academic Probation and Deficiency – 2.0 Good to Go

A student at Purdue University shall be placed on academic probation if his/ her fall or spring semester or cumulative GPA at the end of any fall or spring semester is less than a 2.0.

A student on academic probation shall be removed from that standing at the end of the first subsequent fall or spring semester in which he/she achieves semester and cumulative GPAs equal to or greater than 2.0. Any grade change due to a reporting error will result in a recalculation of the GPA and determination of probation standing. Academic standing will not be assessed in summer sessions.

A student on academic probation shall be dropped from the University at the close of any fall or spring semester in which his/her semester and cumulative GPA is less than a 2.0. Any grade change due to a reporting error will result in a recalculation of the index and determination of drop status.

When academically dropped a student is required to sit out one regular semester. If dropped more than once, a student is required to sit out at least one calendar year. After completing the required sit out period, a student may petition for readmission to the Purdue campus he or she wishes to attend. A fee is assessed for processing the readmission application.

Readmission is not guaranteed, but any student who gains readmission is readmitted on probation and is subject to stipulations in effect as a condition of readmission.  Purdue students requesting readmission must complete an online readmission application through our website at

Purdue University Northwest’s policies on Student Conduct, Disciplinary Proceedings and Appeals can be found on the Office of the Dean of Students website.

University Police, Emergency Information and Maps

The University Police Department operates 24/7.

The University Police strives to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Purdue University Northwest Police Department is a fully jurisdictional Police Department of the State of Indiana and is empowered with lawful authority to enforce all Criminal and Traffic Laws of the State of Indiana, as well as University rules and regulations as they relate to the Motor Vehicle, Bicycle, and Traffic Regulations.

In addition to regular law enforcement duties, the department assists with all other areas of campus safety and security, reporting hazardous conditions and unsafe practices.

Purdue University Northwest police officers are graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy and are experienced law enforcement professionals from city, county and state police departments.  Each officer is required by State mandate to attend annual training courses in law enforcement to maintain current with changes in law and training practices.

Campus security facts and figures are available from the University Police Department or can be viewed online.

How to Reach University Police (Hammond Campus)

Station is located in the Schneider Avenue Building (SAB) on the northeast end of campus and can be best accessed from the corner of Osborne and 169th St.


Office Business Hours:  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

Non-Emergency: (219) 989-2220, (219) 989-2221

Emergency: From a campus telephone, dial direct 2220.

Anonymous Hotline: (219) 989-2912

From a non-campus telephone or a cellular telephone, dial 911 for any emergency.

Confidential reporting of crimes can be made by clicking on the “Silent Witness” link.

How to Reach University Police (Westville Campus)

Station is located in the Physical Facility/Campus Police Building, Room 101


Office Business Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

Non-Emergency: (219) 785-5220

Emergency: From a campus telephone, dial direct 5220 or 911.

A Campus Emergency Preparedness Guide and an Emergency Preparedness Quick Glance are available on the website and throughout campus as well as an Emergency Preparedness Overview in three language: English, Chinese and Spanish.  These publications are designed to assist faculty, staff, and students in the preparation of a campus emergency.

While these publications do not cover every conceivable situation, they do provide the basic guidelines necessary to respond to and cope with the most common campus emergencies. Please become familiar with these documents.

Hammond Police/Fire Information from a Campus Telephone

Hammond Police Department: 9-911

Hammond Fire Department: 9-911

Westville Police/Fire Information from a Campus Telephone

Westville Police Department: 9-911

Westville Fire Department: 9-911

Hammond Campus: Emergency Phones

The Campus Emergency “Blue Light Phones” are located near building entrances or parking lots as follows:

  • Anderson Elevator
  • Classroom/Office Bldg. North Elevator (Inside Call Box)
  • Classroom/Office Bldg. South Elevator (Inside Call Box)
  • Founders Plaza West
  • Founders Plaza Center Sidewalk
  • Founders Plaza East
  • Gyte Elevator
  • Gyte North Entrance
  • Gyte/Annex West Parking Lot – Between Annex & Gyte Doors
  • Gyte/Annex South Handicapped Chair Stair Lift (Inside Call Box)
  • Gyte/Annex North Handicapped Chair Stair Lift (Inside Call Box)
  • Lawshe North Elevator (Inside Call Box)
  • Lawshe South Elevator (Inside Call Box)
  • Lawshe South Parking Lot
  • Lawshe West Sidewalk South of Lawshe Building
  • Lawshe Crosswalk Between Lots Southeast of Lawshe
  • Fitness & Recreation Center Sidewalk Southwest of Building
  • Police Station Parking Lot Front of Police Station
  • Porter Outside North Entrance
  • Student Union & Library South Entrance
  • Student Union & Library Elevator (Inside Call Box)
  • Parking Garage All Levels
  • University Village (Housing) West and East Parking Lots
  • University Village (Housing) Sidewalk on the North Side of the Building

Westville Campus: Emergency Phones

  • All campus elevators
  • Schwarz Hall – “Red Phone” Outside Room 38
  • Library-Student-Faculty Building – “Red Phone” Inside North main entrance and basement hallway by locker rooms
  • Technology Building –“Red Phone”  Inside northeast doors
  • DSAC Building – “Red Phone”

Using Campus Emergency Phones

  1. Press button.
  2. Telephone automatically dials the emergency number for the University Police.
  3. Once the Police Department answers, speak clearly INTO the box.

Hammond Campus: House Telephones

House telephones are University phones located across campus and part of the University’s internal phone system. They are located within the buildings as listed below.  The restricted telephones may also be used for intra-campus communication.  These telephones may be used in an emergency by dialing “9-911” for assistance from the University Police.

Anderson: 1st Floor Vending Area

Classroom/Office: 1st Floor Vending Lounge

Classroom/Office: 1st Floor near Northwest Elevator

Classroom/Office: 2nd Floor Southeast near 298

Classroom/Office: 2nd Floor near Northwest Elevator

Classroom/Office: 3rd Floor Southeast near 398

Classroom/Office: 3rd Floor near Northwest Elevator

Computer: 1st Floor Desk

Gyte: Ground Floor Lounge/Vending Area near Advising Center

Gyte:1st Floor Southeast Lobby near 170

Gyte: Near 131

Gyte: Near 231

Lawshe: 1st Floor near Enrollment Services Center

Lawshe: 2nd Floor Elevator

Fitness and Recreation Center: North Lobby

Fitness and Recreation Center: North/South Hallway near 147

Fitness and Recreation Center: Gym/Upstairs Running Track West Wall

Porter: 1st Floor Southwest Lobby near 110

Porter: 2nd Floor Southwest Hallway near 212

Potter: 1st Floor Northwest Hallway

Potter: Hallway near 325

Powers: Common Hall near Potter

Student Union and Library: Near Elevator/Center North

Student Union and Library: 3rd Floor Hallway Near Alumni Hall (309)