Report an Issue

Have something you need to share? Students, staff and community members can use these Dean of Students forms to report an issue to Purdue University Northwest personnel.

Types of Forms

General Incident Form
Use this form to report an issue or person you feel the University should know about.

Student Complaint Form
Use this form if you are a student and would like to place a complaint.

Academic Dishonesty Form 
Use this form to report academic dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism.

Sexual Assault Form
Use this form to report an incident or victim of  sexual assault. Sexual assault is any sexual contact, including but not limited to intercourse, that occurs without consent and/or through coercion.

Student of Concern Form
Use this form to report an individual who has raised concerns and may be a harm to themselves or their environment. This form will be reviewed by our Student Behavioral Intervention team.

Filing Complaints Outside of Purdue University Northwest

If you believe your complaint has not been properly addressed within Purdue University Northwest, you can enter your complaint with other organizations at the state and national levels.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education authorizes Purdue University Northwest to offer undergraduate and graduate certificates, baccalaureate and master’s degrees. You may submit a complaint at the ICHE website.

Purdue University Northwest is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Information regarding the complaint process can be found at the Higher Learning Commission website.

Students in distance learning programs can also submit a complaint to the state where they are residing as they taking the course(s).

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We are here to help! The Dean of Students works to address student needs and to guide with university policies and procedures.

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