Multicultural Lounge

Meet new people. Share your perspectives. Gather for events. Everyone is welcome at the Multicultural Lounge!

A new programming and recreational space is available for students and student groups in Room 180 of the Classroom Office Building at the Hammond campus.

Student groups have free rein to use the space as they will and may schedule with the Office of Student Life to book meetings and event times.


Students relax in PNW's Multicultural Lounge.

About The Lounge

In 2020, PNW senior leadership made a commitment, with input from the Student Government Association, to transform the former classroom space into an inclusive lounge meant for meeting and sharing ideas from students of all backgrounds.

The multicultural lounge at this time has an open space with both conference tables and lounge seating available, but will have future computer workstations and setups for rotating decorations.

Our hope is that students will see it as a space for events and programming related to the idea of multiculturalism.