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PNW Campus Food and Beverage Policy


Provide clarity specific to food and beverage service at the Purdue University Northwest campuses.


Food and beverages served in locations identified below must be provided by Chartwells Dining Services at the Hammond Campus or the White Lodging School for Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) at the Westville campus.

Chartwells and HTM shall have “first right of refusal” rights to provide Food Services for catered events at the locations listed below, enabling an external food vendor to provide/deliver/setup at these locations, in which case, the external vendor is required to follow the regulations listed below.

Chartwells – Hammond Campus:

  • Alumni Hall (SUL 360)
  • Student Union Library Building (SUL) Founders Study 358
  • Student Union and Library (SUL Portico)
  • Student Union and Library (SUL) 321

White Lodging School for Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) – Westville Campus

Chartwells and HTM maintain the right to select product lines to be offered except that Chartwells and HTM must abide by any pouring rights or exclusive rights granted to other licensees by agreement with PNW.

External Food Vendors

If an outside food vendor (any vendor besides Chartwells in Hammond or HTM in Westville) is used, please make note of the following:

  • If the outside food vendor will be setting up on-site or serving on-site at any PNW location, then a contract must be in place with the vendor before the start of the event (allow 7-10 business days for processing and finalizing contract.)  Please complete a contract request here.
  • If the event will be serving the public, then the following steps must be taken:
  • Complete a Food Service Registration form available here.
  • Submit it to Jennifer Asbury in REM at
  • A temporary food service application is needed in conjunction with a contract when the event will be 1) serving the public and 2) the vendor will be setting up on-site or serving food on-site at any PNW location.
  • External food vendors must return the room/space to the condition provided.

Specific to Alcohol

Any event where alcohol is to be served must be in full compliance with Purdue University Northwest’s Alcohol Policy. To reduce the chance of food-borne illness, the requesting department or student group should:

  • Purchase from a reputable licensed food service provider.
  • Ensure the food service is supervised by an employee of the external food vendor.
  • Ensure the food is maintained at an appropriate temperature until within two hours of consumption.
  • Ensure the space/room where the food is consumed is thoroughly cleaned before and after the event.

Please note, food and beverage prepared for an event is designated for consumption at that event.  Health Department Regulations prohibit removing perishable leftovers from the event site for later consumption.  Purdue University Northwest is not responsible for food items removed from the event.

Bringing Food and Beverage to Campus

University employees or students may bring, without obtaining Chartwells permission, outside prepared purchased food or beverages to serve in areas other than those listed above. Example(s) include donuts and coffee brought in for a departmental staff meeting or pizza and soft drinks brought in for a student organization meeting.

All leftover food and other waste should be properly disposed to ensure that none is left in university buildings overnight and the space returned to the condition provided. This statement only applies when the food or beverages will be served to PNW students, faculty and staff. It does not apply to serving the public or any non-PNW students, faculty or staff.

Facilities Room Reservations

Room reservations for the locations identified in this policy should be directed to PNW UniTime. Please reference Chancellor’s Internal Memorandum No. 559, “Special Purpose Facilities Reservation Policy” for specific details.

Approved by SLT: August 16, 2006

Revised: September 29, 2021