Liz Prieboy

Access Coordinator

Liz Prieboy


Liz Prieboy brings 20 years of experience working with students with disabilities. She has her Masters from Indiana University Bloomington, in Special Education and Bachelors of Science in Elementary and Special Education. She also received her Director of Exceptional Needs and Building Level Administrator licenses above her Masters. For the past 5 years, she was a Director of Special Education in Porter County, Indiana. Before that, she was an Assistant Principal and Director of Teacher Leadership. She also taught in the K-12 setting for 12 years as a special education teacher and a first grade teacher. Liz has worked with students with many different types of disabilities. She is a strong believer that with the correct accommodations, all students can reach their goals. She’s been a member of the Council for Exceptional Children and Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education. Outside work, Liz enjoys watching her boys play football, boating with her husband, and playing music.

Liz Prieboy


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