The Disability Access Center has policies in place to protect our students as well PNW faculty and staff.

  • To complete the Authorization to Distribute Access Plan Form every time you register for classes. Failure to do so may result in a delay in your accommodations.
  • To contact Disability Access Center (DAC) staff if you need to adjust or revise your accommodations.
  • To inform DAC staff immediately of changes to course schedule, professor or course section that may impact accommodations (e.g., note taking, interpreting services, text conversion, classroom seating, etc.).
  • To complete a Copy of Shared Notes Request Form one month prior to the start of the semester if you require a copy of shared notes as an accommodation. Failure to do so may result in a delay in your accommodations.
  • To submit a request for alternative text one month prior to the start of the semester if you require alternative text as an accommodation. Failure to do so may result in a delay in your accommodations.
  • To immediately report to DAC staff if your accommodations are not being provided by your professor/instructor.
  • To immediately report any disability-related issues to DAC staff.

For exams administered in the Disability Access Center:

  • It is your responsibility to schedule your exam with the DAC at least one week prior to the exam/quiz.
  • If you must reschedule an exam, it is your responsibility to contact your professor/instructor to request approval before DAC staff may reschedule. Please have your professor email dac@pnw.edu to confirm that they have approved your request to reschedule.
  • A PNW ID is required to take exams.
  • We will not be able to accommodate same-day exam-scheduling requests (unless the Disability Access Center has already received the exam from your professor and there are testing rooms available).
  • Additionally, midterm and final exams should be scheduled as early in the semester as possible. You may stop in the office, call (219) 989-2455 or email dac@pnw.edu to schedule your exam/quiz.
  • Exams or quizzes must be completed during DAC testing hours. If you require accommodated testing outside regularly scheduled office hours, please discuss your needs with DAC staff at the time of scheduling. DAC office hours will be extended during final-exam week.
  • Late arrival to your exam may impact the amount of time allotted for your exam
  • Any questions during the exams should be directed to DAC staff.

Standards of academic integrity are strictly adhered to in the DAC, and therefore only test materials approved by the professor/instructor are allowed in the testing room. Backpacks, purses, hats, cell phones, laptops, smart watches etc. will be held for you in DAC-locked storage during testing. Exam-testing rooms are also equipped with video and/or audio monitors. Students found to be committing acts of dishonesty will be reported to the professor/instructor and the Office of the Dean of Students.

You play a vital role in the accommodations process. The Disability Access Center (DAC) staff appreciates your assistance in ensuring the process runs smoothly. Please review the following information.

  • Provide accommodations immediately from the date listed on the student’s access plan. You will receive the access plan attached to an email from the Disability Access Center.
  • Please only discuss the student’s accommodations with student in a confidential setting.
  • Faculty are not required to provide accommodations retroactively from the date on the access plan. You may use your discretion when considering such a request.
  • Do not assume your student is intending to take their exam at the DAC. Students may take their exams with the rest of the class.
  • After receiving a request for an exam from the DAC, complete the Testing Instruction Form in its entirety.
  • Please only agree to provide students with their extended time in the classroom if you are able to proctor the student for the full accommodated time to which they are entitled. You are otherwise encouraged to direct students to schedule and take exams in the DAC.
  • The goal is to have students test in the DAC at the same time that students are taking the exam in class. This is not always possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding and ask that you direct any questions to the DAC.

The Disability Access Center is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity, and therefore personal items such as cell phones, smart watches, laptops, purses and backpacks are not allowed in the exam room unless otherwise stated on the Testing Instructions Form or allowed as student accommodations. Any student observed committing acts of dishonesty will be reported to you as well as the Office of the Dean of Students.