Driven to pay it forward: Meet PNW 2024 graduate April Roberts

April 29, 2024
April Roberts

April Roberts, ‘24, says she likes to give an affirmative “yes” to as many opportunities as she can.

From pursuing her real estate licensure right out of high school to completing an accounting internship with Clifton Larson Allen, LLP, Roberts feels an inner drive to aim high and uplift others along the way.

“During my academic career I participated in LEAD Academy, and I really loved that experience because it made me think about my strongest values,” said Roberts. “The two I resonated with the most were growth and community. I feel that’s what drives me — to take opportunities in growing myself, helping others grow and building a community.”

The Munster native is finishing two bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Finance from Purdue University Northwest’s (PNW) College of Business. Roberts’ next phase begins during the summer, as she accepted an offer to join KPMG, an auditing, tax and advisory services firm, in Chicago. She will also complete her Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) licensure exam.

Why did you choose to attend PNW?

“My mom went to Purdue Northwest and I felt like I wanted to stay close to home. I was very impressed by the College of Business. I met Tony Sindone (clinical associate professor of Finance and Economic Development) before I came here. He encouraged me, and I was really impressed with the program concentration in banking and the experience he said I could get. Even though I didn’t end up pursuing that particular program, I was impressed with it and the other opportunities available.”

How did you become interested in your subject?

“I was always good at math and I enjoy problem-solving. Some people say Accounting and Finance is just math, but it’s really more like a language of numbers. Learning that it’s more about concepts and less about doing computation was interesting to me. I loved learning how valuable Accounting and Finance would be in business and how much they were connected. I liked the challenge.”

All the professors I’ve made connections with have truly been there for me throughout my college career. They’re always willing to help and encourage me to succeed.

April Roberts, ‘24, Accounting and Finance

Were you involved in student organizations or other activities on campus?

“I had attended a few Women in Business club meetings over Zoom during my freshman year. My sophomore year I went to the club advisor because I was interested in continuing to be a part of it. They were looking for new leadership because the previous officers had graduated. I had taken on leadership positions since I was little, so I was excited about it.

Being in Women in Business made me realize how important business was to me. It was a good experience to realize the need for women empowerment in the workplace, and I didn’t realize how passionate I was about that until I came into this position. We engage in networking opportunities, we do community service and support students through Project Pink.”

What did you like the most about PNW?

“It’s definitely all the people I met while I was here. I really enjoyed having access to my professors because we had smaller classroom sizes. All the professors I’ve made connections with have truly been there for me throughout my college career. They’re always willing to help and encourage me to succeed.

I also met my best friend, Gabi Piasky, because we were in Accounting and Finance together. We joke that we should both have just one degree because of all that we did together. While I was vice president of Economics Club, she was president, and while I was president of Women in Business, she was vice president. We were able to bounce ideas off each other and we had each other’s backs.”

What words of advice would you share with prospective students?

“Participate in everything you can. Engage with the faculty and your classmates because they are amazing resources.

Was there anyone at PNW who inspired or encouraged you along the way?

Shontrai Irving

Shontrai Irving

Clinical associate professor of Business Law

“He really inspired me with his leadership. He’s currently president of the Lake County Bar Association. He’s also a foster parent, which I think is incredible. He has a kind spirit and is really genuine in his desire to help his students.”

Paolo Miranda

Paolo Miranda

Associate professor of Finance

“He was able to step up and help us as the faculty advisor for Women in Business. It was outside of his comfort zone, and I think that was amazing and so unexpected. He was willing to support us fully with no hesitation. He was one of my favorite professors and I felt like I learned a lot about business from him.”

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