Taskstream Training

TaskStream is an electronic portfolio that assesses and evaluates undergraduate and graduate candidates in the Educator Preparation Programs and students in our mental health counseling, school counseling and human services graduate programs.

To meet national accreditation standards, it is required that candidates and students be evaluated on various key assessments to ensure they are receiving high-quality preparation.

To get started using Taskstream, contact the School of Education and Counseling at 219-989-2360 for assignment to the correct program. Please specify your name, program, and your current course that requires TaskStream.

TaskStream Resources


Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)

  1. In the Address field or Location bar – type in the following URL: http://www.taskstream.com
  2. You should now see Taskstream’s homepage.
  3. At the top of the screen, click Create or Renew Account to go to the registration page
  4. Choose the option that applies to you. First time subscribers should choose the “Create a new Taskstream subscription” option.
  5. If you are purchasing by credit card, use Option 1. If you have been issued a Key Code, use Option 2.
  6. Click Continue to proceed. Follow the directions on the resulting forms to complete the subscription purchase or activation process.

Please ensure that a valid email address has been entered so that Taskstream can send your Taskstream username and password to you. All email addresses are confidential and will not be made available to third parties. Please note: We suggest that you add the taskstream-subscriptions@taskstream.com email address to your email application’s address book to help ensure that your login information will be delivered and will not blocked by any spam software/settings that you may have enabled on your computer.

Accessing Your DRF Program(s)

  1. To begin, go to www.Taskstream.com and log into Taskstream using your assigned username and password.
  2. To access your Directed Response Folio (DRF), click the name of the DRF program from the home page.
  3. You will see the structure of your Directed Response Folio (DRF) in the left frame.
  4. Find the appropriate standard/course in the structure section and click the desired requirement. The content of the chosen requirement section will be displayed in the right frame area. You can view the directions for the requirement by clicking on Directions. If you would like to see the rubric being used to evaluate your work, click the Evaluation Method link for that requirement.
  5. If you need to complete a form, click the Complete Form button
  6. When you are ready to add work, click the button from the bottom Add toolbar that corresponds with the type of content you wish to add. You can choose to add Text & Image, Slideshow, Standards, Attachments, Videos, Links, and Embed Media.

Adding Attachments

  1. Select the type of file you wish to add.
    1. If you choose to add a file saved on your computer, select the A file saved on your computer option, click the Browse button to find the file you want to attach.
    2. If you choose to add a previously uploaded file, select the Attach a previously uploaded file option, and then select the category of work and the specific work product where the file is attached.
    3. If you choose to add work that you created in Taskstream, select the An artifact created in Taskstream option. You will then be able to select the type of work to be added (web page, web folio, etc.), and the specific work you would like to attach.
  2. Name the file.
  3. Add a description of the file, if applicable.
  4. Select the checkbox if you would like to specify standards that this attachment addresses.
  5. Click the Add File button when finished.
  6. Click Save and Return to go back to the main program work area when you are done adding attachments. You may add as many attachments as you wish.

You have now successfully attached work to your Directed Response Folio (DRF)!

Change the Order of Your Content

Once you have added at least two (2) content sections to any area, a Reorder Content button is displayed at the top of the right work panel. Use this button to reorganize the various types of content you have added.

  1. Click in the right work panel.
  2. In the Drag to Reorder Content pop-up box you will see the various content types that you have already added to the selected area. There are two approaches to Reorder Content:
  3. Drag and drop content sections
    1. Select (click with mouse or, if using a touch-screen, tap) the row of the content type that you want to move.
    2. Drag that row through the list to the preferred new position. As you drag, an orange placeholder indicates the potential new positions in which the selected item might land.
    3. Release the “drag.” The row comes to rest in the last position held by the placeholder.
    4. Click the Save button.

Manually re-number content type sections

  • Type new position numbers in the text boxes that display to the far right of every content type on this list.
  • (Optional) Preview your new display order by clicking the Reorder button that appears below the column of text boxes. The new order is applied immediately: any numbering conflicts are automatically resolved, and rows automatically shift position according to their new numbers.
  • If your manual entry includes duplicate numbers, for example if two rows are marked as “3”, the reorder function will automatically resolve these conflicts.
  • Click the Save button.

Submitting the Requirement to Your Evaluator

  1. Click the Submit Requirement button from the top of the Work tab.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to submit your assignment and add comments, as necessary.

Viewing Your Completed Evaluation

  1. Click the name of the program from the home page.
  2. Click the Scores/Results tab and find the work you would like to view.
  3. Click the View Report button associated with the assignment for which you wish to view the evaluation.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Mentoring
Services at help@Taskstream.com or at 800-311-5656, press 1 for support.