Event Space Scheduling for the Spring 2021 Semester

December 14, 2020

A sculpture in front of PNW's Dworkin Student Support and Activities Complex.

Event spaces throughout campus will again be considered for use as socially distanced classrooms. All college deans and department heads have been made aware of this decision and understand that there may be displacement of events. We do not expect to know the scheduling or usage needs of these spaces until early January.

Please continue to submit your space requests. However, we will not be approving any requests for event space, until the class schedule has been determined. Once the class schedule is confirmed, we will evaluate PENDING requests to determine availability of the room request.

As an additional reminder, at that time we will also be reaching out to any event that that has already been approved and will now be displaced by the modified use of this space. Those reservations will have one week to make any changes or reschedule in the system. If the event has not been updated to an available timeframe, the reservation will be automatically cancelled in the UniTime system.

Space Availability

Campus event spaces being used as socially distanced classrooms may still available for reservation through UniTime during non-scheduled time frames. These spaces are available only in the existing classroom set up and will not be available for alternate set ups.

  • Alumni Hall is expected to have extremely limited availability due to scheduled class use.
  • Founders Study is unavailable until further notice.

Space Capacity

The number of participants able to attend an event is gauged by two factors: the number based on social distancing, flow pathways and other items, or the governor’s event-count recommendation. If the state number changes to a lower participant recommendation, that is the ultimate number to be followed.

Example: if a PNW space can accommodate 60 socially distanced but the governor decreases the maximum gathering count down to 10, then 10 is the maximum number of attendees allowed in campus spaces.

See the Current Size Guidelines for Gatherings

To maximize the number of guests that can safely be in one space, Alumni Hall, LSF 144 and Great Halls A, B and C will be set in standard formats that will not be available for alternate set ups. The remaining spaces have been de-densified to allow for social distancing.

BuildingRoom IDSpace Use CategoryRoom SetupMaximum Capacity
DSAC1155 AMeeting Room (Great Hall)Conference Style ( Closed U-Shape)18
DSAC1163 BMeeting Room (Great Hall)Tablet Armchairs (Theater Style)42
DSAC1179 CMeeting Room (Great Hall)Tablet Armchairs (Theater Style)42
DSAC1113Meeting RoomTables & Chairs11
LSF2AssemblyTheater Style27
LSF144Meeting RoomTablet Armchairs (Theater Style)42
LSF170 AMeeting RoomU-Shape7
LSF56Conference RoomStandard Conference Style8
SULB321Conference RoomTables & Chairs16
SULB360Meeting Room (Alumni Hall)Tablet Armchairs (Theater Style)84
SULB301Meeting RoomTables & Chairs10
SULB305Conference RoomStandard Conference Table & Chairs3
SULB307Conference RoomStandard Conference Table & Chairs3

Updated space layouts can be found in UniTime or on the shared drive at R Departmental Drive > PNW Shared Documents > PNW Room Layouts > Socially Distanced Room Layouts.

Invited Guests Policy

PNW faculty or staff who are considering inviting vendors, collaborators or other guests (those not employed by or attending PNW) to campus need to follow our official guest policy.

Please continue to read your email and check the PNW Safe Return to Campus website regularly. As the pandemic continues, PNW will be monitoring local, state and national conditions and following public health guidelines. PNW will communicate any decisions that could impact campus operating status or courses.

The Strategic Events Office is available to assist with choosing a space that will help meet the goals of your meeting or event. The Strategic Events Office will reach out to the event contacts as reservations are requested in the UniTime system.

However, please feel free to contact us ahead of scheduling at events@pnw.edu or by emailing the UniTime Event System Administrator, Adara Rivera, at adara.rivera@pnw.edu if you have any questions or need additional help.