Psychology, Ethics and Trauma CE Workshop

Mental health professionals can join us for this continuing education workshop on Working with Trauma: Clinical, lEgal, and Ethical Considerations


The Unsolved Mystery Club

The PNW Theatre Organization will be putting on a one-act play by Carlos Reyes. This two-night event will have free admission.

Tips for Stress Management and Better Sleep

What you do while you’re inactive is just as important for a healthy lifestyle. John Durocher, associate professor of Health Studies, explains how better sleep equals better recovery.

Engineering Senior Design

Senior Design provides PNW engineering students with supervised experience in the process and practice of engineering design.

De-stressing for Finals with Meditation

Join guest Brigitte Morin, senior lecturer of Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University (MTU), for a stress reduction session.

The Big Sell Competition

The Purdue University Northwest College of Business and the College of Technology will host the 2022 PNW Big Sell competition on April 30th.

The Roundtable Perspective: The Water Belt Region

Rachel Havrelock, Ph.D., a professor of English at the University of Illinois at Chicago and director of The Freshwater Lab, joins host Lee Artz, Ph.D. to discuss the how freshwater in the region