Request a Relocation

Need to request an office relocation? Our guidelines will streamline the preparation, move-in and resettling process.

Fill Out the Move Request Form

Relocations typically occur due to a building remodel, the completion of a new facility or a space assignment change required to better support university operations. It is requested that a minimum of a two week notice is given when requesting the relocation of staff.

  1. Information Services will need to relocate computers, transfer voice and data connections. This work is documented on the relocation worksheet in the Move Request form.
  2. Notify Mail Services of the change of location.
  3. Make arrangements with the Facilities Services for new keys or card access by submitting a Key Request form, or to turn in old keys.
  4. Order moving boxes through Ariba
  5. Call Cannon4/FlexTG to initiate relocation of large floor standing department printers.
  6. Request updated signage using the form on Facilities website.

Personnel within departments/operations being moved are responsible for packing their office and personal material into boxes, prior to the scheduled move date.

Tip: Boxes should not be over or under packed. Tops should lay flat and close easily. Please consider that if the box is too heavy for you to lift, it will likely be difficult for Facilities staff to lift as well.

  1. Moving boxes can be ordered through Ariba
  2. The contents of all shelves and furniture (including contents of file cabinets) must be packed in boxes.
  3. Please label all boxes with the following:
    • Name of individual
    • Name of building individual is moving into
    • Room number items are to be moved to

Facility Services moving crew will move all labeled items to include furniture.  Information Services staff will move all equipment, computers, printers, phones.

Unpacking and positioning of moved items in new quarters will be the responsibility of individuals being moved.

Department Admins should update FM:System with new space allocations in the Higher Educational Survey.