Faculty Senate

The Purdue University Northwest Senate is the governing body of the faculty. The Senate exercises the legislative, policy-making, and advisory powers of the faculty, subject to review and check by the faculty through established procedures.


Browse the official proceedings of PNW’s Faculty Senate.

Minutes and Agendas

Additional Documents

Policies, Regulations, Procedures

The Senate has the power and responsibility to propose and to adopt policies, regulations, and procedures intended to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University Northwest and the general welfare of those involved in Purdue University Northwest’s educational processes.


The Senate is led by a chair and vice chair, both of whom are elected by the Senate. The Secretary of the Senate is selected by the chair in consultation with the Senate’s Agenda subcommittee.



The bulk of the Senate’s work is done by seven standing committees.

Curriculum Approval

Approval for all undergraduate curricular matters rests solely with the PNW Faculty Senate.

Faculty Grievance Policies

Discover the faculty grievance procedures and policies at PNW.