Curriculum Approval

As spelled out in the PNW Faculty Constitution and Bylaws, approval for all undergraduate curricular matters rests solely with the PNW Faculty Senate.

No curricular changes may be made without prior approval by the Faculty Senate. This includes new programs or changes to program requirements; new minors or changes to minor requirements, new certificates or changes to certificate requirements, and new courses or abandonment of courses; offering courses that already exist at other Purdue campuses; changes to a course’s number, title, description, pattern, prerequisites, co-requisites or description.

New courses may not be scheduled until approved by the Senate, except as noted below for temporary courses. In seeking the Senate’s approval for curricular changes, the following procedures shall be followed. Courses designated as General Education will be first reviewed by the general education committee of PNW Faculty Senate for approval and upon approval, the chair of the general education committee will forward to the curriculum committee for final approval.

Graduate Curriculum

Since the graduate curriculum is approved by the Purdue University West Lafayette Graduate School, all graduate curricular changes, including changes to graduate courses, programs, concentrations, certificates, plans of study, and degree requirements, shall be reported “for information” to the Senate in a timely manner (with new programs and courses, in the academic semester before implementation or before, and with other curricular changes, as soon as feasible).

All graduate curriculum documents will be forwarded to the PNW curriculum committee, the chair of the curriculum committee will forward to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate to be placed on the next faculty senate agenda “for information.”

(with department, school, and college approval as needed)

  • September 22 for October 13
  • October 20 for November 10
  • November 17 for December 8
  • January 5* for January 19
  • January 26 for February 9
  • February 16 for March 8
  • March 22 for April 12
  • April 12** for May 3

*NOTE: January 5 is also the deadline for submissions of program revisions to be included in the Fall 2024 catalog and course schedule.

**NOTE: April 12 is also the deadline for submissions of individual courses to be included in the Fall 2024 catalog and course schedule.

  1. Any member of the Faculty, as defined by the PNW by-laws, may initiate a curriculum document though Curriculog.
  2. Everyone shall use the attached curriculum document format, as approved by the Faculty Senate. Please do not add, delete or change sections within the document, except as contained within the instructions, as this may cause delays.
  3. All documents to be considered for approval must be reviewed by individual departmental and College/School curriculum committees prior to submission to the PNW Curriculum Committee.
  4. After review by the College/School’s curriculum committee, the document will be uploaded to the Faculty Senate website for curriculum documents, by the Chair of the College Curriculum Committee. Any problems should be referred to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate.
  5. All documents must be submitted to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate by the dates listed on the Curriculum Committee’s schedule for the current academic year. This allows timely review of documents.
  6. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate will maintain a database of the documents requiring review and will make all approved documents available through the webpage. In addition, she/he will make available to the appropriate parties, such as the Registrar.
  7. Any comments, questions or disputes over proposed curricular items are to be sent directly to the Chair of the PNW Curriculum Committee.
    1. The Chair will consult with the departments or faculty in question to resolve any issues.
    2. If the Chair cannot resolve the matter, she/he will present the comments, questions or dispute to the entire PNW Curriculum Committee, which will discuss the issue. The Committee will consider the matter and determine how to resolve it.
    3. If disputing parties wish to take the matter further, it is their right as faculty to approach the Chair of Faculty Senate and request that the matter be discussed by the Faculty Senate.
  8. The PNW Curriculum Committee will meet at least monthly to discuss all distributed documents. The Chair may accept comments from Committee members electronically, if an absence is unavoidable. However, if accepted, this feedback is not considered attendance at a scheduled meeting.
  9. Upon the recommendation of the Curriculum Committee, the document will be presented to the Faculty Senate at its next regularly scheduled meeting according to the current academic year calendar.
    1. After Senate approval of the document, the Secretary of the Faculty Senate will make any minor corrections stipulated by the Senate, and upload the document to the website.
    2. The Registrar’s office will complete the Form 40, if required.
  10. Name the Document – The name of the submission must follow the format below in the order stated to allow for proper archiving:
    1. College/School designation: (CHESS, CES, COB, CON, COT /School)
    2. Document number: Academic Year (ie: 2016-2017=16), Document Number sequentially within the college (ie:01,02,03,etc).
    3. Type of change: NEW for new programs (PROG), minors (MINOR), certificates (CERT), Concentrations (CONCEN), or courses (COURSE) OR REV for revised programs (PROG), minors (MINOR), certificates (CERT), or courses (COURSE).
    4. Submitting department, limited to 5 letters, for programs, minors, or certificates, OR course designator for courses (ie: POL, COM, etc) and course number (5 digits).Examples:
      1. Program, minor, or certificate change: CHESS 16-01 NEW CERT PSY
      2. Course change: COB 16-01 REV COURSE BUSM 10000
  11. Section III: Courses changes:
    1. The General Education box should be checked when revising courses already designated as general education by the general education committee of PNW Faculty Senate. For new courses, or courses revised to be general education, the procedures of the PNW general education committee are to be followed prior to submitting the curriculum form to the PNW Curriculum Committee. The chair of the general education committee will forward the document to the curriculum committee upon general education approval of the course.
    2. The Currently Designated ExL box should only be checked if the course was so designated by the former institution Purdue Calumet. This designation is being carried forward to PNW as a courtesy until PNW Faculty Senate addresses the issue of experiential learning. Currently there are no PNW Faculty Senate procedures for experiential learning and therefore, no new courses may be designated as such. The PNW curriculum committee’s only role will be to consult the list of ExL courses from the former institution Purdue Calumet to assure it was so designated by that institution.

Please Note: Temporary or special assignment course numbers such as x97, x99, etc. should be used while developing new courses. These courses do not need to go through the Curriculum Committee process until permanent numbers and titles are sought. Temporary numbers may only be used three (3) times for the same course. After three offerings, if the course will continue to be offered, a curriculum document must be prepared with a permanent number.