Public Astronomy Observing Sessions (Gabis Arboretum)

Sky Viewing Conditions
Together with Dr. Adam Rengstorf (Assoc. Prof. of Astronomy & Physics), we run public sky-viewings at Gabis Arboretum. Directions to the Arboretum and more information about dates can be found via this link.

For viewing planning, I recommend which does a fantastic job all around!


The Purdue Northwest QuarkNet program’s mission is to bring modern physics into classrooms across northwest Indiana. QuarkNet is an NSF-funded program which PNW joined in 2014 under the direction of Dr. Neeti Parashar (PI). Participating high school physics teachers engage in an 8-week program that includes 2 weeks of workshops at PNW and 6 weeks of field experience at FermiLab. Since Spring 2017, I have been serving as the PNW QuarkNet Coordinator, involving teachers from Porter and LaPorte counties. Interested teachers are welcome to email or call to learn more.


The CARES program was established by Dr. David Feikes to promote algebra readiness in elementary and middle school students. Funded by the Indiana Dept. of Education, teachers from across the state participate in 2-week workshops which introduce the CARES curriculum, including novel activities designed for grades 3-7. I joined the CARES program as a co-PI (along with Dr. David Pratt) for 2016-2018 to develop science activities which incorporate pre-algebra.



From 2014-2016, I worked with Dr. David Feikes and Dr. David Pratt on the MAthematics, Science, Technology, & EngineRING (MASTERING) Videos program, funded by the Indiana Dept. of Education. Teachers participated in 2-week summer institutes where they were given iPad-minis and worked to develop video problem-based learning modules for science and math in Grades 1-9.