Chancellor’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture

  • “Visioning Northwest Indiana: Challenges to Sustainable Economic Development,” Delivered the Second Annual Chancellor’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture, Purdue University Calumet, March 31, 2011.

Recent Publications:

  • Mitra (2016). “A Theoretical Foundation for Group and Individual Lending Practices in Microfinance,” Proceedings of ACE 2016 International Conference – Actual Economy, Asian Discourse on Global Challenges, October 2016.
  • Mitra, A. (2016). “Optimal Strategies for Group and Individual Lending in Microfinance,” Proceedings of Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research, Volume 5, Issue 4 (September), ISSN 2223-5078.
  • Mesa-Arango, R., Zhan, X., Ukkusuri, S. V., Mitra, A. (2016). Direct Transportation Economic Impacts of Highway Networks Disruptions Using Public Data from the United States. Journal of Transportation Safety and Security, Volume 8, No 1., pp. 36-55.
  • Mitra, A, Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, Xianyuan Zhan, Satish Ukkusuri (2015). “Economic Impacts of Freight Disruptions Due to Flood Related Highway Closures Using an Integrated Traffic Network Equilibrium and Regional Economic Impact Methodology, “ Proceedings of the 56th International Transportation Research Forum, Atlanta, Georgia, March 13 – 14, 2015.
  • Mitra, Amlan (2014). “A Mathematical Optimization Model of Decentralization of Local Governments,” International Economics and Finance Journal, Vol. 9, #1, Jan-June, 2014.
  • Mitra, Amlan (2014). “Challenges to Sustainable Economic Development,” Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Volume 13, No. 2, pp. 265-288.
  • Mitra, Amlan (2013). “Estimating the Economic Impacts of Disruptions of Movements of Commodities: A Supply Chain Case Study,” 2013 Proceedings of IBEA International Conference on Business, Economics, and Accounting, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Mitra, Amlan (2011). “Regional Economic Impacts of the Transportation Industry,” International Economics & Finance Journal, Volume 6, No. 2, pp. 209-219, July – December, 2011.

Recent Grants/Proposals:

  • “Estimating the Economic Impacts of Disruptions to Intermodal Freight Systems,” ($135,440),Grant (Project No. 053PY03) funded by the NEXTRANS Center, U.S. Department of Transportation, Region V, University Transportation Center (Principal Investigator: Satish Ukkusuri, Co-Principal Investigators: Amlan Mitra and Fred Mannering), 2011-2013, Completed: June 2013.