STAT 302 Elementary Statistical Methods II

R and R Studio

VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon is a “virtual desktop” which you can use to run R.

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As explained by G. Jay Kerns, “Perhaps the most important part of a statistician’s job once the analysis is complete is to communicate the results to others. This is usually done with some type of report that is delivered to the client, manager, or administrator. Other situations that call for reports include term papers, final projects, thesis work, etc.”

For each case study, write and submit an (at most, otherwise it will not be accepted) 3-page report on any of the given data sets listed for each case study or from a data set you provide which has been approved by me.

Your case study report MUST contain the following items:

1. Title (on title page) (5 points, 10%)

2. Abstract (on title page) (5 points, 10%)

3. Background and Significance (part of 3 pages) (5 points, 10%)

4. Methods (part of 3 pages) (10 points, 20%)

5. Results (part of 3 pages) (10 points, 20%)

6. Discussion/Conclusions (part of 3 pages) (10 points, 20%)

7. References (not included in the 3 page limit) (5 points, 10%)

Detailed explanation of these items are given in greater detail at

Award winning examples of these types of reports are given at

You MUST include a statistical analysis using R otherwise the report will not be accepted: R output and R script must appear in your report but it may appear in the (optional) appendix of your report.  R plots and graphs can be copied into Microsoft Word: after creating a plot in R Studio, go to the plot panel, click on Export, then copy to clipboard, then paste in Word.  R script and numerical output can be highlighted in either the Source or Console panels of R Studio, then left-click for copy out of R Studio, then left-click paste into Word. copy from R-paste into Word

All data sets suggested for the case studies are available at

Please be forewarned I will be checking for plagiarism, any student caught plagiarizing will receive zero for their report.

A tutorial video on how to submit your case study paper online through blackboard is given here.  This tutorial also tells you how to check if your case study paper successfully submitted and also how to look at your graded paper.