Financial Aid Offer

If you have unmet requirements, you will receive an estimated financial aid offer. Use the Financial Aid Checklist to assist you with satisfying requirements and receiving your official financial aid offer. Once all requirements have been met, students will be given an official financial aid offer based on their Cost of Attendance, enrollment level, grade class and other factors. There are two basic types of financial aid offers; Gift Aid and Self-Help Aid.

  • Gift Aid is financial aid that does not typically require repayment; includes Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, State 21st Century Scholars, State Frank O’Bannon Grant and Scholarships
    • Gift aid is usually accepted automatically
    • Grants are typically based on financial need
    • Scholarships can be based on financial need or can be merit based
  • Self-Help Aid is financial aid that is earned or that requires repayment; includes Federal Work Study, Federal Student Loans and Federal Parent PLUS loans
    • Self-Help aid may be accepted or declined

When your official offer is packaged, you will receive a financial aid offer notification as well as messages in Student Self-Service.

Financial Need

Your financial need is determined by taking your estimated Cost of Attendance (the cost to attend a school) and subtracting your Student Aid Index (SAI) as determined by your FAFSA data.

  • Purdue Northwest will calculate your estimated Cost of Attendance
    • Cost of Attendance varies from school to school and is made up of direct costs and indirect costs
    • Direct costs are expenses paid directly to Purdue Northwest, such as tuition and fees
    • Indirect costs are expenses incurred while in school such as transportation and personal expenses
  • Your SAI is calculated by the Department of Education and comes from your FAFSA data

Cost of Attendance – Student Aid Index = Financial Need

Financial Need Example One:

  • Brandon is an independent student living off-campus
  • Brandon has an estimated Cost of Attendance of $24,619 for the fall and spring
  • Brandon’s SAI is $0
  • Brandon’s Financial Need is $24,619

Financial Need Example Two:

  • Floria is a dependent student living at home with her parents
  • Floria has an estimated Cost of Attendance of $18,384 for the fall and spring
  • Floria’s SAI is $25,908
  • Floria’s Financial Need is $0

Click on How Aid is Calculated for additional information.


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