Grants, unlike loans, are a form of gift aid and do not have to be repaid. Grants are often need-based (aid awarded by financial need).

Your financial need is determined by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) based on information you provided on the FAFSA.

Federal Grants

  • The Federal Pell Grant is available to qualifying undergraduate students based on enrollment and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
    • All eligible students are awarded, apply by filing your FAFSA
    • Students must begin attendance; awards may change if you change your enrollment prior to the Financial Aid Census
    • Awards will not change after the Financial Aid Census in most cases
    • Review Important Dates and Deadlines for the Financial Aid Census Date
  • The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is available to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need
    • Funds are limited, apply early by filing your FAFSA
    • Students must receive Federal Pell Grant to be eligible for FSEOG
    • Awards may change if you change your enrollment prior to the Financial Aid Census

Indiana Grants and Scholarships

The Indiana Commission of Higher Education offers grants and scholarship aid including the:

A list of all of the different types of State Financial Aid by Program is on the Indiana Commission for Higher Education website.

Most state financial aid pays tuition and composite fee and is not refundable. State aid may be reduced if a student is awarded  other tuition only aid (i.e. if a 21st Century Scholarship recipient is awarded a tuition only scholarship, the 21st Century state aid may be reduced).

State Aid Requirements

  • Frank O’Bannon Grant and Twenty-First Century Scholars applicants must file a 2024-25 FAFSA by April 15, 2024 to be eligible for 2024-25
    • Check your ScholarTrack account for a list of any edits that may be on the FAFSA, most edits must be resolved prior to receiving state aid
    • Awards may be cancelled if your enrollment drops below full-time on and/or before the State Aid Census Date – check with Financial Aid prior to dropping classes so you don’t lose your state aid
  • Completion Requirements
    • Twenty-First Century Scholars – complete 30 credit hours per year
    • Frank O’Bannon Grant – complete at least 24 credit hours per year and 30 credit hours per year for the maximum award
    • Adult Student Grant – complete 18 or more credit hours per year
  • Review Important Dates and Deadlines for the State Aid Census Date
  • Adult Student Grant applicants must file a FAFSA and submit an Adult Student Grant application. Adult Student Grant is first come, first served so file the FAFSA and application as early as possible.

State aid recipients must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and must meet requirements in order to maintain eligibility.

Applicants who disagree with a determination of eligibility may ask the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to review the decision by submitting an appeal and relevant supporting information in ScholarTrack.

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