Completing Loan Exit Counseling

The tutorial below will assist you with completing loan exit counseling, which is required for students who borrowed a Federal Direct Loan and graduate, leave school or are enrolled less than half-time (one to five credit hours for undergraduates and one to three credit hours for  graduate level).

  • Go to
  • Click the blue Log In button
  • Enter your Username and Password (your FSA ID)
  • Read the Warning information and click on Accept
  • Hover over the Complete Aid Process dropdown and click on Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Read the information including What do I need? and then click on Start
  • Select INDIANA under Choose a state and PURDUE UNIVERSITY NORTHWEST under Search school by name (enter Purdue University Northwest for either the Hammond or Westville campus) and click on Notify this School.
  • Click on the Continue button
  • The Counseling Session consists of 5 sections: Understand Your Loans, Plan to Repay, Avoid Default, Finances: A Priority and Repayment Information
    • Read the information on each page.
    • Answer the Check Your Knowledge questions in each section.
    • The correct answer will be displayed for you.
    • Once all questions are answered on the page, click the Continue button.
    • You can monitor your progress at the top of the screen.
  • Once completed click on Submit Counseling
  • Note: Your loan exit counseling is not complete unless you click Submit Counseling
  • This will take you to the Exit Counseling Summary and you will receive a confirmation of successful completion. You can print a copy of your Exit Counseling Summary.
  • Click Logout to finish your session.